One Piece Episode 558


Fishmen’s Island: King Neptune is beside himself that the Noah is moving towards them. Fukaboshi doesn’t understand why his father seems so upset, since while it seems strange that the massive ship is moving, it’s just a relic from the past with no use. But Neptune explains that just the opposite is true and that it is forbidden for anyone to move the ship until a certain day.

Gyoncorde Square: Hody Jones climbs out of the rubble Luffy recently knocked him into, to which Luffy marvels at how much his opponent seems to be able to take. Hody is furious that the Kraken is listening to Luffy more than him, and attacks Luffy. The latter’s head flies off a bit because of his rubber body, but Luffy has to admit that compared to Jinbe, Hody hardly has any power. Luffy now wants to counter with the gum-gum bell, but Hody calls his iron shield unit to protect him. Using Haki, Luffy strengthens his head and breaks through the fish people’s shields. Luffy also blocks further attacks from Hody with Haki.

Suddenly the battlefield darkens. The Noah has reached Gyoncorde Square and threatens to fall down onto it. However, many fear that before this happens, the island’s bubble will burst, washing away everything inside the bubble. Immediately, much of the civilian population, as well as the enemy pirates, run away and try to get off the island before this happens.

All of a sudden, Wadatsumi falls off the ship. He declares that he must have slipped and calls out to his captain, Vander Decken IX, to stop the ship so he doesn’t die with the others as well. Zeo wonders what Decken is up to. Hody Jones, on the other hand, is furious that Vander Decken isn’t sticking to their plan. Decken talks about a Den-den Mushi and explains that he moved the ship with his hand, which Shirahoshi once touched. Thanks to his devilish powers, the ship is now pursuing her and will sweep her off to her death along with the entire island in revenge for spurning him. Furthermore, he declares that he would not be able to save Wadatsumi.

Some notice that the princess has disappeared. This one actually swam away from Surume and positioned herself so that the Noah changes course and no longer falls on the island. Shirahoshi has resolved to sacrifice himself and lure the Noah away. Vander Decken is thrilled by this, but this doesn’t change anything for him, he still wants to kill the princess so that her beauty will live on in his memories forever. Luffy runs after Noah to dissuade Shirahoshi from her plan. The members of the New Fishmen Pirates want to ask their captain what they should do, but they can’t find him anymore. Hody has grabbed an anchor chain and is trying to climb onto the Noah. He wants revenge for Vander Decken’s betrayal, yet he doesn’t think Decken’s plan is bad on the whole. Luffy calls out to Sanji, who is already chasing the ship, to stay here while he takes care of the ship. Luffy receives a bubble coral from Jinbe, and with Sanji’s help, tries to catapult himself to the ship.

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