One Piece Episode 556


Gyoncorde Square: Luffy charges through the enemy forces, backed up by Jinbe, Zoro and Sanji. The latter once again see defeating the enemy as a competition among themselves. Jinbe, who is not used to this, finds the behavior of the two a bit strange, but Robin calms him down and tells him that the two always fight.

Thousand Sunny: Franky goes on the ship to show off his new weapons. When Usopp and Chopper find out about it, they follow him. Nami also goes along, followed by Pappag, who thinks he’ll be safer with them.

When Zoro and Sanji have thrown a fish-man to the feet of Hody Jones, the latter retorts to his captain that their opponents are simply too strong. Hody then gets angry at his subordinate for daring to call humans too strong. Hody grabs him by the head and slowly squeezes until he throws him back to the ground, explaining that he didn’t need weak fish people. He then asks his remaining men why they don’t finally kill the princess, to which they leave, slightly spooked.

Thousand Sunny: Nami and Usopp wonder at the Soldier Dock system that the room with the 0 has disappeared, while rooms 5 and 6 have been added instead. Franky briefly explains that he renovated and turned room 0 into rooms 5 and 6. The Sunny’s new weapons are again in room 4, which was previously empty, as well as in room 5. Chopper is already excited about what Franky has new for her.

Gyoncorde Square: Dosun orders the bombardment unit to shoot at Shirahoshi, but this time Brook gets in the way. With his new party music, he hypnotizes his opponents into believing they are at a festival. Thus, the bombardment unit suddenly starts dancing and firing his cannons into the sky to start fireworks. Dosun tries to talk some sense back into his men, however Brook has already finished them off with Quinto Tia’s Fantasia without them realizing it. Another group charges at Shirahoshi, who is protected by Robin, who creates two giant legs that stomp on all the attackers.

Daruma orders the Death Poison Unit to attack the legs, but Franky responds. The ship opens the fourth room at the Soldier Dock System, from which Franky emerges with a large motorcycle, which he himself calls the “Black Rhino FR-U 4”. With the steel behemoth, Franky ramps across the battlefield, defeating the Death Poison Unit. However, when a fish-man threatens him with a morning star, it is suddenly shot down. The shot came from the second new weapon “Brachio Tank 05”, which is driven by Usopp, Nami, Pappag and Chopper. The new tank then drives across the battlefield, firing one group of enemies after another.

After the Straw Hat and his gang are increasingly cheered on by the island’s inhabitants, Hody decides to end it all by summoning the Kraken to the battlefield. The New Fishmen pirate gang is thrilled to have the Kraken’s support. Hody explains that he took the Kraken from the North Pole and has enslaved it ever since, which is why it listens to his every word. However, the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Luffy, recognize the Kraken. It is their newfound friend Surume, whom Luffy immediately greets. Surume takes Luffy on his head and listens to him again, whereupon Surume attacks dozens of members of the New Fishmen pirate gang on Luffy’s behalf until he joins Shirahoshi to protect them from now on. Hody Jones, in turn, is seething with rage.

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