One Piece Episode 555


Gyoncorde Square: After Luffy and his Haki defeat 50,000 men of the New Fishmen pirates, the remaining low ranking members are intimidated. One of the Fishmen wants to retreat, but Zeo tells him that anyone thinking of retreat on this historic day deserves to die. Zeo declares the Straw Hat Pirates to be their worst enemies, as they would always destroy their dreams. After Zeo’s speech, a new fighting spirit awakens in the fish people.

At the Straw Hats, Zoro reprimands Luffy for not leaving them more than 50,000 men. Shortly thereafter, the battle begins. Luffy attacks the onrushing troops with a gum-gum giant pistol. Sanji and Zoro also attack, quickly dispatching a dozen enemies each. The other Straw Hats also join the fight. Franky gets an idea afterwards. 50,000 enemies is the perfect number for him to test the Thousand Sunny’s new weapons.

Hody Jones is more than annoyed that not everything goes according to plan. Therefore he wants to eliminate Shirahoshi with an Uchimizu. However, the attack is stopped by Jinbe’s Uchimizu. Everyone is impressed that Jinbe’s Uchimizu was strong enough, despite Hodys breaking through stone walls for several miles before. Jinbe explains that while Hodys’ attack had plenty of strength, his technique itself was rather sloppily executed. The members of the New Fishmen Pirates are hesitant to attack Jinbe, as not only was he the first Fishman to be one of the Seven Samurai, but he is also currently said to possess a bounty of 400 million berries.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Zoro now faces the “Iron Shield Unit”. This is equipped with strong and extremely hard iron shields. Zoro remembers his training with Hawkeye and his promise to never lose again. Zoro then uses his new technique Kokujō: O Tatsu Maki. He slashes and defeats the iron shield unit with just one strike. However, the resulting tornado of blades doesn’t seem to stop, much to the chagrin of the fish people, and thus blows across the battlefield.

On the other side of the battlefield, some mermen decide to launch an air attack on the princess. Sanji tries to rush to the princess’s aid, but is surrounded by the sea urchin barrage unit, led by Harisenbon. Sanji also then has memories of his training. He tried to escape from the trannies daily, but one day they had him surrounded and there was apparently no way out. However, Sanji found a way by escaping into the air, thus developing his new technique Sky Walk. In the present, Sanji now takes to the skies to take care of Shirahoshi’s attackers. Luffy and Robin are reminded of Sanji’s technique by CP9: Geppou, with which it is virtually identical. Meanwhile, Luffy runs up to Hody Jones and declares that it doesn’t matter if he had 100,000 men or a million, they would defeat them all.

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