One Piece Episode 553


Gyoncorde Square: After Hody Jones’ explanation that he shot Queen Otohime at the time, Shirahoshi confesses that she already knew this. Megalo told her how he watched Hody do his terrible deed. Jinbe asks the princess why she kept quiet. Shirahoshi didn’t want people to feel hatred towards Hody and this would have been against her mother’s wishes. Jinbe is impressed that the princess had actually followed her mother’s wishes, where normally no one would have been able to keep such a secret for years.

Hody, on the other hand, laughs at the princess. In his eyes, this was the greatest stupidity she could have committed. Without her silence, he and his men would never have made it this far. Hody thanks the princess because she thus inevitably played into his hands. Thanks to her, her father, her brothers, herself, and the populace will now perish. For demonstration purposes, Hody then attacks Neptune and his sons unceasingly. Since everyone is now gathered and Hody does not want his prisoners to die before the actual execution begins, he demands a sword to execute Neptune now.

Madame Shyarly is just coming around when some kids ask her when Straw Hat Luffy is going to destroy the island. They hope he will come quickly. If the island is destroyed, Hody wouldn’t be able to kill Neptune and he would surely be in trouble with his people too. The adults agree with the children, they too would rather see destruction than be ruled by Hody. One of the fish people calls for the straw hat to finally come and destroy the island. This call is followed by others until all the civilians at Gyoncorde Square are calling for Luffy.

Hody cannot believe what he is hearing and wants to bring his audience back to their senses by executing Neptune. He raises his sword and wants to cut off the king’s head. Shirahoshi, in desperation, also calls out for Luffy to save her father. Just before Hody can carry out his threat, Megalo spits Luffy out. The latter immediately gives Hody a good kick in the stomach. Behind the officers of the New Fishmen pirate gang now appears Nami, who has stolen the letter from the World Nobles. She has given the key for the chains to Robin, who has already freed the princes, Neptune, Shirahoshi and Jinbe. Last but not least, the Thousand Sunny and Hoe show up. Jinbe shouts to the whale to get the royal family to safety, whereupon he quickly airlifts Neptune and his sons from Gyoncorde Square. The Thousand Sunny lands just ahead of the princess and from it descends Franky, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Chopper, who are already looking forward to the battle considering the number of enemies. The civilians ask Luffy if they are enemies or friends of Fish-Man Island. Luffy replies that they would have to decide that for themselves.

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