One Piece Episode 551


After an overdose of E.S. pills, Hody Jones’ body has undergone a transformation that has given him incredible powers. To test his new powers, Hody defeats the entire Neptune army and collapses several houses with just one attack. Jones then moves on to Gyoncorde Square. The minister to the left is in tears at how close they came to granting Otohime’s wish.

Noah, on the Flying Dutchman: Vander Decken IX cannot hold back his tears after receiving such a rebuff from Shirahoshi. Decken thinks his heart is broken and even his men can’t cheer him up. Out of frustration, he tries to shave off his hair. Meanwhile, Decken wants to kill Shirahoshi if he can’t marry her. However, all attempts are rebuffed by Luffy, which only makes him more desperate. Suddenly, however, an idea comes to him. He wants to destroy everything at once in this case and looks over at Noah.

Gyoncorde Square: Several soldiers have gathered and are targeting Hody and his gang, who are approaching with the sea monsters. The soldiers demand the release of their king. Neptune is then threatened, which the pirates use to show that they still hold all the cards. Ikaros Much then sends the sea bear after them. Shortly afterwards, the other officers of the pirate gang join them with their sea beasts.

Some time later, the inhabitants of Fish Man Island reach the place. Since its entrance is locked, they have to climb the coral walls to find out what is going on inside. They are horrified to see King Neptune chained to a large cross, with the Sea Beasts lying beside him and several soldiers on the ground. Hody Jones, meanwhile, is enthroned a few feet away, surrounded by his officers and the rest of his gang.

Seewald: Jinbe sets off for Gyoncorde Square with the princess on Megalo’s back.

Gyoncorde Square: The captain of soldiers regains consciousness and brings out a few sticks of dynamite. As Zeo correctly guesses, he wants to launch a kamikaze attack. The captain wants to take at least one of the officers down with him before the princes show up. Serenely, Hody then lets a few drops of water flow into his hand, which he uses on Uchimizu. The attack pierces through the soldier’s body and continues to pierce through walls and coral for several more miles, until the drop finally falls into the water in Mermaid Bay. The low-ranking members of the New Fishmen Pirates are themselves shocked at how strong Hody has become.

Shortly thereafter, the princes break through the gate to Gyoncorde Square on a giant eel and must realize what has become of their soldiers. Neptune warns his sons, as both the sea beasts and the fish people are doped with E.S. pills. Immediately, the Sea Beasts surround the Princes, but Fukaboshi ignores this and yells to Jones why he wouldn’t understand that his people are the weakest. Unlike them, the islanders would have tried to forget their dark past and discrimination against humans to finally make peace. But Hody Jones sees kindness and forgiveness as nothing but unnecessary, weak gestures. As a result, the princes defeat all the sea beasts. The people cheer their princes. Hody says that they should not think anything of it. All the officers of the pirate gang then take E.S. pills. Before they can react properly, Fukaboshi, Manboshi, and Ryuboshi are attacked and defeated. Hody must then laugh triumphantly at the clear defeat of his opponents.

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