One Piece Episode 550


Riding on the back of some sea beasts, Hody Jones and his men make their way with the captured Neptune to the place for execution. Meanwhile, Daruma is wreaking havoc at the candy factory in the center of Fish Man Island. He bites through the walls of the factory, causing it to collapse. When one of his men tries to offer him coffee and cake as a snack, Daruma throws the snack out of his hand and threatens him to never offer him anything like that again, saying his favorite snack is the bones of big fish. However, he has no more time for that as he now has to leave for Gyoncorde Square as well. When his men ask what to do with the civilians, Daruma explains that they could be let go for now, as they should now be aware of their fate under Jones as the new king.

Watermill Quarter: Dosun still sits chained with his men with the civilians keeping an eye on him since Fukaboshi and his brothers left for Gyoncorde Square. Dosun mumbles a kotsun quietly to himself all the while. The civilians wonder if Dosun and his men could be used as a hostage or a means of exchange for the king. Dosun, in turn, explains that this is not possible, as his captain is a merciless man who would rather kill him and his men than engage in such a deal. Dosun’s men worry about him, as he begins to tell Kotsun when his power is at its weakest. Because of this, one of Dosun’s men spits an E.S. pill into his mouth. As Dosun continues to talk about how cruel Jones can be, his power level increases more and more in the process, until he puts Dosun back on his sentences. From then on, however, he also explains that he himself sees it the same way Jones does, and that any fish people who donate blood to humans or anything like that should be punished harshly. Dosun’s power level increases more and more, so that he already adds another word than “Dosun” to his sentences. Dosun then becomes so strong that he can break the iron chains, use his hammer to defeat all the soldiers who had stayed there in one blow, and even knock an entire house away with his hammer. Dosun vows to take revenge on Fukaboshi and sets off with his men to Gyoncorde Square.

In the south of the island: Hyouzou has gotten completely drunk and is barely responsive. When some men, who tried to bring him to the Gyoncorde place, claim that he surely can’t even hold a sword in that condition anymore, Hyouzou wants to prove them wrong. One of the other fishmen still wanted to warn his comrades that once Hyouzou gets really drunk, he will attack anyone near him, friend or foe. But too late, Hyouzou has already finished off several of his own men, slicing the great hall of the cultural center into several pieces. When Hyouzou wants to cut some more, one of the pirates is at least able to convince him to go to Gyoncorde Square, as he could cut off Neptune’s head there.

East of the Island / Shopping Mall: Some former members of the Neptune Army try to defeat Zeo. But due to his chameleon-like abilities, hardly anyone can get near him without being defeated by him from ambush. Zeo’s men watch in delight as one by one they go down. Zeo, meanwhile, talks to the last ones resisting that their last hope, the Neptune brothers, would soon pass away as well. But suddenly Zeo interrupts mid-sentence as his men try to flatten a bug on the ground. After some time of silence, with everyone wondering what was wrong with Zeo, he becomes visible again. It turns out that he was just lying where his men were trying to flatten the bug, which is why they gave Zeo some visible bumps and footprints. Still, Zeo continues to speak as if this incident didn’t happen, saying that the civilians would soon have no hope at all. Zeo then plans to head to Gyoncorde Square as well.

Meanwhile, back at Hody’s place, his wound inflicted by Zoro, while still under the influence of the E.S. pills, starts to hurt again. Hody demands that they give him as many pills as they have there. One of his men wants to speak out against it, saying it would be too dangerous, but Hody threatens him and tosses him aside. He then takes another handful of pills to ease his pain.

Meanwhile at the princes, one of the soldiers with them warns them as this is obviously a trap to lure them out. Fukaboshi is aware of this, but doesn’t care as he can’t let Jones close their hearts to people again just when they managed to open them. Manboshi now understands why Jinbe wanted them to keep an eye on Jones and suspects that he and his gang are also behind the disappearance of the pirates who wanted to go to Fish Man Island. Manboshi asks his brother about what he thinks of the Straw Hats, since Madame Shyarly had predicted that Luffy would destroy the country. Fukaboshi isn’t sure about this yet, since Luffy is a friend of Jinbe’s after all, and the mermaids, who are good judges of character, don’t speak ill of them either. Fukaboshi therefore wants to leave this topic aside for now, as there are more important things to do at the moment.

Northeast of the island: Ikaros Much and his men have set the minister on the left and right, as well as several soldiers of the Neptune army, on the neck of a sea bear, which they had previously doped with E.S. pills. The Neptune Army is on the ground, while the Sea Bear still seems belligerent and now wants to attack Ikaro’s men. Some get the idea to intimidate the monster with fire and light a torch. But suddenly Ikaros himself gets scared and bends more and more backwards. When the fish-man with the torch asks him what’s wrong, Ikaros orders him to put out the torch because it would roast him. After the torch is out, Ikaros believes that the fish man wanted to roast him and then eat him. Another fish-man explains that when Ikaros was a child, he had a large octopus named Daidalos as his best friend. However, when this one got too close to the sun, he was roasted by it. Ikaros has been plagued by this trauma ever since. In the present, Ikaros wants to teach the fish-man with the torch a lesson and first stabs him with his spear, draining him of all fluids. After that, he beats him mercilessly until he is completely flat. The rest of Ikaros’ men are able to convince him to leave for Gyoncorde Square.

Meanwhile, to the right, the minister realizes that two more sea beasts are just swimming by above them. On one are more members of the New Fishmen pirate gang, and on the other are Neptune and Hody Jones. The pirates call out to Ikaros to hurry up, as the execution is in two hours. Ikaros asks what happened to their captain that he does not tell him. The pirates explain that to ease the pain of the wound inflicted on him by the Straw Hat Pirate Swordsman, Jones has been taking more and more E.S. pills and is now writhing in pain. Neptune explains that the side effect of the pills is to shorten lifespan, which is why Jones shouldn’t have taken them in the first place. But Jones won’t hear of it, then writhes in pain again. Ikaros fears that the side effect of the pills is now coming to light. Jones feels like his whole body is about to explode. His hair turns from jet black to white and he lets out a loud scream. The sea beasts seem petrified a moment later. None of the pirates had ever seen the sea beasts so full of fear before. Jones’ body has undergone a tremendous transformation and all body fat seems to have turned into massive muscles. Jones presents his new self to his men and is about to test out his new powers by firing an Uchimizu at the Neptune Army soldiers, which brings down several buildings at once. Jones is very happy about his new power and breaks out in mocking laughter.

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