One Piece Episode 545


12 years ago, Fish Man Island: The ship of the Sun Pirates docks at the island. Since Jinbe is now a samurai of the seas, the members of his crew who were once slaves are no longer wanted and can return to their families. The former slaves thank Jinbe for all he has done for them and go to join their families, who have been waiting for them. Jinbe has a chat with Aladine before he disembarks. The latter says that while they can hide the mark of the World Nobles, the hatred they have received from them towards humans would not go away so easily. Aladine adds that he understands what Tiger was trying to tell them at the time, yet he still cannot rid himself of his inner demons. Meanwhile, some of the island’s inhabitants have lost respect for Jinbe because he now works for the world government or humans. Jinbe has already noticed this.

Palace: King Neptune can’t believe the sacrifice Jinbe has made to free his friends from their lives as slaves and pirates, as Jinbe is now obligated to be obedient to the world government and fight certain enemies when it commands it. Otohime does not want Jinbe’s sacrifice to be in vain, and hopes that it will also improve her relationship with the humans. Therefore, Otohime wants to continue to do her best.

A few days later, a ship is stranded on the island. The ship must have run into a storm and therefore sunk. The problem, however, is that it is a ship belonging to a world aristocrat. The world aristocrat, Mjosgard, is lying on the shore, firing his pistol around, insulting the fish people and demanding that they finally get him a doctor. But the fish people don’t know if they should really help someone like that.

Meanwhile, Queen Otohime is immediately on her way to take care of the injured man. She doesn’t care who he is, she just wants to help. Back in the city, Vander Decken IX is taking a walk and is just talking to his men about Jinbe. Vander Decken doesn’t really care that Jinbe is now one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. He looks down on him and thinks he’s vastly superior, even as a pirate. However, when he hears that an injured world aristocrat is on shore, Vander Decken wants to check it out.

Coast: Mjosgard had actually come to the island, despite being warned not to by his father, to reclaim his slaves that he had once spent a lot of money on. A group of fish people appear and kick the gun out of Mjosgard’s hand. Mjosgard realizes that the fish people are his former slaves, who are now all pointing their guns at him. The soldiers want to intervene, but Hody Jones, himself a member of the royal army, stops them. The fish-men explain that Mjosgard’s title would be of no use here. They will simply claim that he would have died with the others on the ship when it sank. No one here would tell the Navy the truth. Hearing this, the crowd agrees and calls for the death of the World Aristocrat. Just as the first shots were about to come, Queen Otohime throws herself in between and is shot as a result. Mjosgard’s life was thus saved. Meanwhile, Otohime orders the others to drop their weapons, after all, children would be watching. The children standing in the crowd look over at this scene, quite frightened.

Meanwhile, Jinbe and Aladine now also make their way to the coast, where they meet Fukaboshi and his siblings, who want to see their mother.

Coast: Otohime tries to make it clear to the fish people that they should not pass on their hatred of humans to the next generation, as the children have a right to form their own opinions about humans. These words remind Jinbe, who had just joined them with Aladine and the children, of Fisher Tiger’s last plea not to tell anyone about his story so as not to pass on the hatred. The fish people drop their weapons. Mjosgard takes advantage of the moment of inattention, grabs his weapon again, and threatens the Queen with it. When Shirahoshi sees this, she lets out a huge scream. Shortly after, five sea kings appear by the shore. Mjosgard keels over in fright and faints, after which the sea kings then disappear again. Both Jinbe, Otohime, and Vander Decken have noticed that this can’t be a coincidence and suspect that it’s related to Shirahoshi. Vander Decken is beside himself with joy, as once Vander Decken I came to Fish Man Island because according to legend, there was a mermaid who had the rare ability to control sea kings. The entire descendants of Vander Decken I have been busy trying to find this mermaid and now Vander Decken IX has succeeded. The latter wants this ability for himself and decides to marry Shirahoshi, only she is too young at the moment. Meanwhile, Aladine has agreed to treat Mjosgard and then Otohime.

A few weeks later, Mjosgard’s injuries have been treated and he has been given a ship and crew to return to. However, Mjosgard does not want to let the fish people get away with it and tells them what happened. As a result, Queen Otohime asks to go along. Neptune does not want this, but the queen explains that she must be an example to the populace and show that even a weak person can return from the surface unscathed. Since she is, physically, the weakest person on the island, it would only be natural that she should leave then. Shortly after, the queen walks onto the ship while everyone says goodbye to her.

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