One Piece Episode 544


12 years ago: After the death of Fisher Tiger, Arlong seeks revenge. He jumps off the captured navy ship and swims back to Foolshout. There, however, he meets Vice Admiral Borsalino, against whom he loses in battle. Arlong shouts that Fisher Tiger’s death was entirely the fault of the humans. When Borsalino hears this, he decides to take Arlong with him. At Naval Base G-2, Arlong makes his statement, telling that Tiger died because humans denied him the blood transfusion he needed. This was later published in the newspaper that went around the world.

Ship of the Sun Pirates: After Jinbe reads the headline about Tiger’s death in the newspaper, he decides not to correct the lie, as the truth is too tragic and it would damage Tiger’s reputation. Jinbe, now captain of their ship, continues to follow Tiger’s teachings and makes sure that none of his men kill anyone.

Fish Man Island, Palace: Despite everything, Jinbe sends King Neptune and Queen Otohime a letter revealing the truth about Tiger’s past and death. They both understand Tiger better now, yet Otohime won’t be dissuaded from continuing to collect signatures for their petition. However, since Fisher Tiger’s death, which occurred due to discrimination, obtaining signatures unnecessarily only becomes more difficult. As a result, the Queen is barely getting any signatures. The Queen is working hard on her promise to create a better future for her children. She keeps trying to rescue castaways with the army, she teaches the children different things from the human world, and she keeps persistently trying to collect signatures. But one day, everyone wants their signatures back because no one wants anything to do with humans anymore. After that day, the queen gets drunk and speaks to her people through several Den-den Mushis and loudspeakers. In her speech, she makes loud her frustration at the cowardice of her people. The Queen is getting tired of the ridiculous excuses as to why people won’t sign, and she thinks that her people should at least stand up for the fact that they just don’t have the guts to go where they actually want to go.

Ship of the Sun Pirates: Aladine deeply regrets that he would not be able to go anywhere he wants to because of being an ex-slave. He and many other ex-slaves must continue to live as pirates on the sea to avoid being captured again.

Naval Base G-2: Strawberry has recovered from Jinbe’s attack and warns Borsalino not to underestimate him.

Ship of the Sun Pirates: Jinbe receives a letter offering him a position as one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. Jinbe seriously considers accepting the request.

Fish-Man Island, Palace: Jinbe has returned to the palace to tell the king of his invitation. At the time, Hody Jones is a member of the palace guard and overhears the meeting. Jinbe tells King Neptune that he wants to be a samurai of the seas to ensure that Aladine and the other former slaves are no longer persecuted and can once again live peacefully on Fish Man Island. Furthermore, he hopes that this will bring the Fishmen’s Island a little closer to the world government and thus put an end to the exclusion and discrimination. With that, he would support Otohime as much as he can. However, there is one thing that Jinbe has a bad feeling about. To the shock of Hody Jones, Jinbe is referring to the release of Arlong.

Impel Down: Arlong is released and handed over to the care of Jinbe.

On an island, Arlong declares that he cannot accept Jinbe’s post as Samurai of the Seas. Since Fisher Tiger is no longer alive, Arlong wants to separate from Jinbe and takes the members of his Arlong Pirates with him. He declares himself as the personified wrath of the fish people, to which Jinbe becomes enraged. Arlong apparently has learned nothing from Tiger’s teachings. A small fight ensues, in which Arlong is clearly outmatched. But Jinbe fails to kill Arlong and stop him. The members of Arlong’s gang subsequently leave and take Arlong with them. Hatchan still has some reservations, but still leaves the Sun Pirates. Shortly after, Makro, Gyaro, and Tansui also leave the gang. With that, the Sun Pirate gang was split up.

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