One Piece Episode 541


Flashback, 15 years earlier: Neptune and Otohime are disappointed in Fisher Tiger for making good on his warning. The incident again reflects badly on Fish Man Island, which is probably why Neptune can’t show his face at the World Conference for a while. Nonetheless, Fisher Tiger is hailed as a hero on the rest of the island. Nevertheless, Otohime continues to try to collect signatures for her petition. However, after Tiger’s action, hardly anyone wants to support the Queen. In the Fishmen district, young Hody Jones and his gang misunderstand Fisher Tiger’s actions and his band of Sun Pirates. They believe that the latter attack and kill people indiscriminately, which is why they want to join them one day.

Sun Pirates Ship: The pirates are attacked by a naval ship. Tiger orders the counterattack. The Fishmen vastly outnumber the Navy and quickly defeat them. Still, the soldiers demand the freed slaves back, saying their release is a serious crime. Jinbe is beside himself. He cannot believe that slavery should be legal and freeing slaves should be illegal, and that the queen in particular wants to live in peace with such creatures. Rear Admiral Kadar continues to demand the return of the slaves, but Tiger explains that no one aboard his ship possesses the mark of a slave. At first, Tiger threatens to throw the Rear Admiral into the sea, but he does not want to be like the humans. He demands of his crew that only money, valuables, and food be stolen from the soldiers, and that the crew remain alive. Arlong still wants to kill a soldier.

Marine HQ: A little later, Strawberry reports to Vice Admiral Borsalino that Kadar’s unit has been defeated.

Sun Pirates Ship: Tiger reprimands Arlong, but he can’t really understand the reason. He thinks both Arlong and Jinbe are going too far in their fights. Jinbe explains that the humans are also trying to kill Tiger. However, the captain makes it clear to them that this is far from justification to act like them. The Sun Pirates stands for freedom. If they were to start attacking humans, it would only strengthen the humans’ belief that they are monsters. For this reason, no one on Tiger’s ship should ever kill anyone.

That night, Tiger can’t sleep and Jinbe finds him on deck. Tiger actually thinks that what Otohime is trying to do is great. Afterwards, he explains that he actually has no right for such speech from earlier, as Otohime certainly sees no difference between him and Arlong. Because it’s his inner demon that Tiger is most afraid of.

The pirate gang now fights almost daily with the navy, pirates or other pursuers. On the island, Queen Otohime has her own battle to fight as no one supports her petition. Meanwhile, a bounty is placed on Fisher Tiger and Jinbe’s heads. Three years pass.

12 years ago, on an island: Fisher Tiger is approached by some people who used to be slaves on Mary Geoise. The slaves ask him to take the girl Koala and bring her to their home. They would like to do this themselves, but they doubt they can make it there safely.

Sun Pirates Ship: Arlong can’t understand why they have a human child on board and slaps Koala for her permanent smile. Koala doesn’t make a face and starts mopping the floor where some of her blood has dripped, apologizing for it. Jinbe inquires if she is scared. Koala answers in the affirmative, but professes not to cry and to keep cleaning to avoid being killed. Aladine, the ship’s doctor, thinks she has been a slave for a long time. She must have witnessed others being killed just for crying or taking a break. This behavior had become second nature to her. Tiger then drags her into his cabin and burns over the sky-storming dragon’s hoof with his sun symbol. After they bandage Koala’s wound, she wakes up. She apologizes for fainting and asks them not to kill her. Tiger gets angry and explains that it’s okay to cry because they’re not like the World Nobles. To prove it to the girl, he throws his gun overboard in front of her. His crew also drops their weapons. Fisher Tiger then orders them to take Koala home. Koala begins to cry after a long time.

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