One Piece Episode 538


Ryuuguu Palace: Zoro has inflicted a serious injury on Hody Jones underwater, shocking all the fish people. When Zoro swims back to the surface of the flooded palace to catch his breath, the fish people take an E.S. pill. Although the fish people try to prevent him from doing so, Zoro is still able to reach the surface. Meanwhile, the fish people are defeating one member of the royal army after another. Neptune can no longer allow this to happen and tells everyone to hold on to him tightly. Shortly after, he dives down into the water.

There he uses his Ultra Marine technique, which washes away the enemies. Shortly after, he orders his men to use the time and get out of here. Neptune himself has used too much power and can’t move an inch. At that moment, Hoe shows up, trying to save Neptune. The king grabs the latter’s leash and thus allows himself to be pulled along. But just before the gates, Hody Jones reappears, who has been given an E.S. pill to recover, and holds Neptune by the tail fin. Neptune lets go of the tether so at least Hoe can escape. The Neptune Army wants to return, but Neptune advises them to get Fukaboshi and the others for reinforcements first. The Neptune army then leaves, while Neptune, along with Zoro, Usopp, and Brook, who are still clinging to him, are captured.

Criminal Shop: Fukaboshi and his brothers are looking for other members of the Straw Hat Pirates when they learn via Den-den Mushi of someone attacking the Water Wheel City. The soldier wants to report what the attackers are asking them to do, but is cut down by a member of the New Fishmen pirate gang shortly after. Fukaboshi and his men immediately rush there. But then Ikaros Much and his men reach the district and now want to take it over.

Lake Forest: Luffy & Co. finally reach the Lake Forest. Shirahoshi is overjoyed at this. When they arrive, they immediately discover the Thousand Sunny and Franky. When Luffy asks if Franky is here alone, he replies that Robin has gone to the Coral Forest. They are then joined by Jinbe, who greets Luffy. Jinbe initially believes that Luffy came for his message, but the latter explains that he didn’t receive one. Shirahoshi then greets Jinbe, who after a moment is startled and asks what she is doing outside the palace. As Chopper and Franky carefully bring Hatchan down from Megalo, Jinbe is startled again. He believed this one to be a prisoner of the Navy like Arlong. Chopper wants to bring Sanji down next, but he is already making exaggerated vows of love to the princess. Chopper is overjoyed that Sanji is back to his old self and no longer gets nosebleeds when he sees a beautiful woman. Following this, Den steps out of the Sunny. Franky introduces Den to the others and explains that he is coating the ship for their next trip.

The princess finally has a chance to visit her mother’s grave and prays. Jinbe explains to Luffy that the attacks on Shirahoshi began right after Queen Otohime died, which is why she hasn’t been able to visit her mother’s grave once in ten years. Shortly after, Camie and Nami join them. The latter explains what happened at the palace. After hearing this, Jinbe apologizes to Luffy, as he left the message for the latter so he wouldn’t be dragged into the whole story. Furthermore, though, he finally wants to take the opportunity to thank Luffy for the fact that he and his gang defeated the Arlong Pirates, who were wreaking havoc in the East Blue, two years ago. At the same time, he also wants to apologize for it, because it was he who abandoned them there. Luffy, and especially Nami, who has several memories of her past come flooding back, are more than shocked by these words.

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