One Piece Episode 536


Above Fish-Man Island: Luffy is still riding Megalo and looking at the clouds with Shirahoshi.

Palace: Neptune actually cares about his daughter, as Vander Decken is out looking for her. Neptune therefore also begs the Straw Hat Pirates to free him so that he can go after Decken. Nami notices the Arlong Pirates symbol on Hody Jones’ arm shortly after. The minister to the right says that shame should be brought upon Jones, as he used to be a loyal soldier in the royal army. Jones, however, laughs scornfully and explains that the loyalty was an act, as he merely wanted to get stronger. Only Arlong did he loyally follow back then.

Flashback: Dosun is captured by a gang of human pirates for the slave trade. Hody Jones and his friends try to free their friend, but are still too weak. Shortly after, Arlong shows up and defeats all the pirates. He makes fun of them, calling them a lower race, and destroys the coating bubble, drowning the pirates.

Present: Hody originally wanted to become Arlong’s Right Hand, but when he was strong enough for it, he had to hear that he was defeated by a group of humans in the East Blue. With only one hand and no E.S., he manages to tear down a massive stone pillar as well as part of the palace wall, after which the palace fills with water. Nami asks Camie if she can do her a favor. Jones throws some drops of water – as strong and fast as arrows – at the bound soldiers, who are thus struck down. To protect his soldiers, Neptune throws himself between them. Zoro dodges the drops and slowly walks towards Hody. He attacks with his single sword style, but Hody uses one of his own men as a shield. Zoro tells Brook and Usopp to free the soldiers, otherwise they can’t keep their word that nothing will happen to them. Usopp notices that both Camie and Nami have disappeared. After the soldiers, Zoro also frees Neptune and asks him to let Brook and Usopp escape. Since Hody surely won’t let them escape easily, Zoro wants to take care of him. Shortly after, the swordsman takes a deep breath and dives down into the water to Hody.

Seewald: Robin comes over, greets Franky and Den, and goes further into the woods because she suspects something there.

Palace: Underwater, a fight has broken out between Hody and Zoro. Hody is impressed by Zoro’s abilities, but mocks him for being superior to him as a fish-man in the water. Still, Zoro manages to parry all attacks, though he doesn’t have much time before he runs out of air.

Coral Hill: Chopper takes care of the found Hatchan, who begs him and Sanji to get off the island as quickly as possible. Suddenly, they are surrounded by some townspeople who blame them for the kidnapped mermaids. Sanji tries to explain that while he loves mermaids, he would never kidnap them. Suddenly, Luffy appears above them with Megalo. Shirahoshi tries to close Megalo’s mouth a little wider so no one will see them, while Luffy jumps off the shark because he spotted the injured Hatchan. Meanwhile, the rest of the fish people think that surely, as a “mermaid kidnapper boss”, Luffy has it in for the mermaid princess as well. However, some think this is too ridiculous since no one could manage to kidnap the princess or would even dare to. At that moment, Megalo can’t take it anymore and spits Shirahoshi out in front of everyone. Chopper gets scared for Sanji should he see this gigantic beauty and begs him not to turn around. Meanwhile, it is clear to all the fish people that Luffy has kidnapped the princess.

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