One Piece Episode 534


Southeast district of Fish-Man Island: In a fish cab, Franky is talking to Den, Tom’s brother. One of the reasons the cyborg wanted to see Den is to help him find the Thousand Sunny. Den suspects he knows where the current took the ship: To the Sea Forest.

Palace, Shirahoshi’s room: Only now do the minister on the right and Brook notice that the princess is no longer there. Immediately, the minister on the right fears a kidnapping. Suddenly, the enemy pirates stand up, having been used as human cannonballs. They attack Brook and want to know where the switch to open the gates of the palace is, otherwise they will be killed should they fail to open the gates.

A few hours earlier on the Noah: Vander Decken explains that even though he’s a fish person, he can’t swim because he ate from a devil fruit. He’s about to demonstrate his target fruit on a slave when Hatchan shows up. He asks Hody Jones if he’s really serious about what he’s about to do. Hatchan continues to warn against taking E.S. because they are harmful to their bodies. Also, he can’t believe Jones wants to destroy the island and attack Neptune. Hatchan tries to appeal to Decken and Hyouzou since they both refused to work with Arlong at the time. Hyouzou explains that he was only working for money and Arlong was too stingy at the time. Decken, for his part, explains that Arlong wanted him to work for him. However, he will not be ordered around; with Hody, he is on equal footing with him. Hody explains that he and his gang were too young to become members of the Arlong gang at the time. However, they have followed the gang’s wild and rash actions and could now learn from their mistakes. Hody continues to tell them that Luffy is on the island. Hatchan mentions his friendship with the latter and Hody finds the octopus fish-man to be pathetic. Blankets then touches him on the shoulder and throws a knife in another direction. However, the knife changes direction on its own and flies straight at Hatchan. Blankets explains that any person he touches with his hand becomes his target. Hatchan begs Hody to stop Decken, as he is already about to launch another attack, but he cannot help him because they are merely allies. Decken throws dozens of arrows into the air, aiming at their target. Hatchan escapes from Noah, but still falls victim to the arrows.

Blankets can only remember two targets, one for each hand. He touched the princess with one of his hands ten years ago, which is why he hasn’t washed it or touched anything else since then. Everyone aboard the Noah realizes how Decken has been able to lay siege to the princess for ten years. Hody explains that Decken is the only one who has managed to throw weapons into the palace with his ability. Therefore, Decken will throw the pirates to Kokaku Tower, where Shirahoshi is located. Those who survive being smashed against the wall are to open the gates in the palace so Hody and his gang can enter. If they refuse, Hody would kill them instantly. Blanket sets to work.

Present day, in the north of Fishmen Island: Sanji is thrilled that the Ammo Knights are taking them to the palace, where the Mermaid Princess is also located. In that case, he accepts being captured. The Ammo Knights, however, want to put them in prison; Sanji’s chance to see the Mermaid Princess would thus vanish into thin air. In his rage, he finishes off all the soldiers. Suddenly, they both hear a scream and someone demanding to see a doctor. As Chopper and Sanji approach, they are startled. The injured man is Hatchan. He warns them that they should all get off the island because the New Fishmen Pirates is on its way here to destroy everything. Shortly after, Hatchan loses consciousness.

Palace: Brook and the minister on the right explain to Neptune what has happened. Suddenly the enemy pirates join them; Zoro gets ready to fight.

Fish-Man Island: Shirahoshi continues to hide in Megalo’s mouth and is excited to be outside the palace again after so long. Luffy inquires what the sea forest is exactly. Shirahoshi replies that it is a graveyard and there is a grave there that she has not been able to visit in ten years.

Seewald: Jinbe speaks to the grave of Queen Otohime. No one would forget her sacrifice.

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