One Piece Episode 533


Entrance Hall of the Palace: The Minister on the right and his troops arrive for reinforcements to arrest the Straw Hats. The Neptune Army plans to pop the humans’ bubble so they can capture the gang faster. But before they can put the plan into action, Nami has already found a giant bubble coral that envelops the entire room in a bubble of air. Zoro finally wants to move on, at which point Neptune orders his men not to interfere, sensing how strong Zoro is and not wanting his men to get hurt or killed.

Shirahoshi’s Room: Luffy wants Shirahoshi to accompany him; however, the latter is unsure.

Entrance hall of the palace: Zoro has defeated all the guards and tied them up. Even Neptune is in chains. Usopp and Brook think Zoro is exaggerating. The latter just thinks that what’s done is done. Usopp argues that this puts them in an even worse light than they already are, which is why he wants to quickly find Luffy and then get out of here. Nami, however, takes the opportunity to ask about the treasury right away. King Neptune apologizes to his men and explains that he suddenly had it with the cross. Zoro, meanwhile, has also decided to find the others and get off the island. However, the Thousand Sunny has not yet been resurfaced and the log port is no longer working properly. The minister to the left wants to explain to Nami what it’s all about in exchange for her freeing him.

Meanwhile, the princes approach the palace’s protective bubble and call the palace via Den-den Mushi to see if someone could open the airlock for them. Zoro answers the Den-den Mushi and Fukaboshi wants to know what is going on in the palace and who he is talking to. Neptune speaks up and explains that Fukaboshi is talking to Zoro of the Straw Hats. Zoro enlightens them about their hostages and demands to coat their ship in exchange for them, as well as getting their remaining crew members unharmed. Fukaboshi accepts the demands as long as no hostage is harmed. Zoro is about to hang up when Fukaboshi gives him two more messages from Jinbe. Zoro wants to pass them on to Luffy later, to which Fukaboshi tells him: 1. “Don’t fight Hody,” 2. “I’ll wait in the sea forest.”

Mermaid Cafe: The Ammo Knights try to take Sanji and Chopper into custody, but Chopper uses his new kung fu point and defeats the troops. Sanji then gets back up and goes outside with Chopper.

Shirahoshi’s room: The princess decides against a walk with Luffy to avoid trouble. But Luffy retorts that he would go crazy if he were trapped in a tower for ten years; besides, she wants to visit a certain place anyway. He assures her of his protection, whereupon Shirahoshi declares that she would like to go to the Sea Forest someday. However, she could not give in to this selfish desire. Suddenly, they notice tremors, as if something is being hurled full force against the palace walls.

Entrance Hall of the Palace: Neptune suspects that Vander Decken IX is behind this again and asks the Straw Hat Pirates to check on his daughter, as all the guards are tied up at the moment. Since it’s the mermaid princess, Brook immediately runs off with the minister on his right.

Shirahoshi’s Room: After making Luffy promise again to protect her outside the castle, Shirahoshi has to cry out of joy. However, since she is very tall, the princess must be disguised; Luffy already has an idea in this regard. Brook and the minister on the right have now arrived outside the room. The minister shudders when he sees that this time it is not weapons that have been thrown against the walls of the tower, but people and pirates respectively. These lie visibly damaged around the tower or have their heads stuck in the wall. Some of them pick themselves up again and want to storm the princess’ room. But suddenly the gates open by themselves and Megalo, who is hiding the princess in his mouth, comes out while Luffy is riding the shark.

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