One Piece Episode 532


Flying Dutchman: Vander Decken IX is furious because still no answer had come from the princess. He blames everything on her father Neptune, who has protected his daughter from him and locked her in a tower in the palace for ten years. The thought that she might one day marry someone else infuriates him again, which is why he would rather see her dead than with someone else. Blankets takes out a large axe, which he throws in the direction of the princess.

Ryuuguu Palace, Shirahoshi’s room: The giant princess is still crying as loud as she can, which is why some guards are already on their way to her. Luffy tries to calm her down, but fails because the princess thinks he’s come to kill her. Suddenly, Vander Decken’s axe comes flying through the open door. Reflexively, Luffy jumps in between, deflecting the axe and saving Shirahoshi from death.

Entrance Hall of the Palace: Nami, Usopp, Brook, and Camie and Pappag are surrounded by the Ammo Knights. The minister to the left explains that they have just received information that the Straw Hat Pirates is under suspicion in two cases. One is the kidnapping of several mermaids, and the other is Madame Shyarly’s prophecy to destroy the island. Neptune is not particularly thrilled with how his guests are treated and has some doubts.

Shirahoshi’s room: The guards, led by the minister on the right, come rushing in. Shirahoshi hides Luffy to keep him out of trouble for saving her earlier. The princess comes up with an excuse, which the minister believes. He warns her that Luffy is on the loose and explains that he has already captured the pirate Zoro and is arresting the pirates in the entrance hall. The guards leave the room and close the doors again. Shirahoshi then apologizes to Luffy for her behavior. She inquires whether he is now good or evil as a pirate. Luffy leaves that decision up to her. Further, the princess asks if Luffy doesn’t care about his friends. The latter denies this; his crew can take care of themselves. Luffy, on the other hand, asks about the origin of the flying axe. Shirahoshi enlightens him that the axe came from Vander Decken, who uses the power of the target fruit. He once marked Shirahoshi as a target, so he can throw all sorts of objects at her. For her own protection, she was locked in this tower. Since Luffy is hungry, Shirahoshi happily lets him have her food. The princess is glad to be able to talk to someone, since normally no one is allowed in the room for more than five minutes. But when she pecks Luffy in the cheeks while he’s eating, he gets angry, so Shirahoshi starts crying again. The rubber man then jokingly says that she’s kind of a coward and a crybaby, and that’s why she doesn’t like her. The princess is deeply shocked, crawls under the bed, and demands that he leave. Luffy has finished eating and asks the princess if she would like to go for a little walk with him. This she would like to do, as there are many places she wants to see. However, she is forbidden to do so. This is fine with Luffy though, as he offers her his protection.

Entrance Hall: Brook, Usopp and Nami have defeated some of the guards and refuse to be captured now. Neptune has stayed out of it so far, doubting their intentions himself, but he decides to arrest the gang after all. As he attacks with his trident, he is stopped by the suddenly appearing Zoro, who has broken out of prison.

Noah: Vander Decken enters the huge ship, the headquarters of the New Fishmen pirate gang. He greets Hody Jones, puts on a glove, and then shakes hands with his counterpart. The two team up because they have the same goal: To kill Neptune and destroy the Ryuuguu Kingdom.

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