One Piece Episode 531


A few hours earlier at Mermaid Cove: Ishilly and two other mermaids try to open the barrel they found, believing it to be treasure. But they only free Caribou, who, with the help of his devilish powers, creates a huge swamp in which the mermaids sink. Sadistically, he thanks the Straw Hat Pirates for helping him make it to Fish Man Island. He plans to sell the mermaids later at the auction house.

Present, Coral Hill: Some mermaids report that they are missing some of their friends. The Ammo Knights immediately suspect the Straw Hat Pirates, as there have been many pirates who have kidnapped mermaids for sale. Meanwhile, Fukaboshi learns of Madame Shyarly’s vision. Straw Hat Luffy is supposed to become responsible for the sinking of Fish Man Island. Fukaboshi regrets hearing this, as he originally intended to treat them kindly since they saved his sister’s pet. However, in such a situation, he has no choice but to arrest the Straw Hat Pirates until everything is cleared up.

Between Fish-Man Island and Ryuuguu Palace: Neptune brings Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Brook, Camie and Pappag to his castle on Megalo’s back. He thanks the pirates again for saving Megalo – the princess’ pet. Neptune then explains that Zoro is already in the castle and has started the banquet. Luffy takes the opportunity to ask Nami where the rest of the troupe is. Franky looks for relatives of Tom, while Robin looks for some ruins. After clarifying why there is light 10,000 feet below the surface of the water, Neptune hands the pirates a coral, allowing them to create a bubble that will allow them to cross the flooded passage, from the protective bubble of Fish Man Island to the protective bubble of the castle.

Ryuuguu Palace: The Straw Hat Pirates is deeply impressed by Neptune’s castle. But no sooner have they entered than Neptune is rebuked by the minister on his right for simply leaving without saying a word. Luffy doesn’t want to wait any longer and now tries to find the banquet himself. Meanwhile, the minister on the right and the minister on the left report that the princess has been attacked again and Fukaboshi has sent them some unpleasant news. Meanwhile, Luffy is standing outside the princess’ room, which is locked with a large, solid door that also has some weapons in it. Luffy nevertheless believes that it must be the banquet hall and goes inside.

Since it’s so big and dark, Luffy thinks he must be in the food warehouse. Luffy then jumps on something soft until it moves and he falls off. The light comes on and it turns out that Luffy has been bouncing on the chest of the giant mermaid princess Shirahoshi. The latter thinks that Luffy is a murderer and starts crying bitterly.

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