One Piece Episode 530


Port in the Fishmen’s District: A gang of pirates run as fast as they can to their ship. As they do so, their captain Gyro admonishes them to be quiet, yet quick, before their escape is noticed. In fact, they seem to make it and are getting farther and farther away from the Noah.

Noah: Hody Jones hears that his slaves have escaped and wants to make an example of them. He takes a handful of E.S. pills and wants to take care of the matter himself. In turn, his crew is shocked at how many steroids their captain eats in one sitting. Immediately, the fish man’s muscles grow and his eyes turn reddish.

Gyoverly Hills: Pappag has led Luffy, Brook, Usopp and Camie to his mansion. Luffy is surprised that the little starfish seems to be such a celebrity on Fish-Man Island. Pappag explains that he is the president of the fashion company Criminal. In a fashion store, they discover Nami trying to bargain down the price of the clothes. When she sees her friends, there is great joy, with her asking Pappag for a discount because the goods would be way too overpriced. Pappag announces that everything would be free for her friends. The pirates take this opportunity to grab the store’s entire stock. Outside, meanwhile, a commotion spreads. In the street, everyone is excited because King Neptune comes swimming down with his whale Hoe. Everyone wonders what the king of Fish Man Island wants from the people. The Straw Hat Pirates comments on the King’s appearance with somewhat rude comments about his appearance. As it turns out, the shark Megalo, whom Luffy had saved from Surume back in the day, is also there. In gratitude for saving the shark, Neptune invites the entire gang to join him at the palace.

Mermaid Cafe: Meanwhile, Sanji regains consciousness and Chopper is happy. However, when Sanji starts dreaming about Nami and Robin again and he gets some nosebleeds again, Chopper immediately calls Splash & Splatter, who are each wearing a nurse’s uniform. Sanji immediately gets scared and wants the two trannies to leave.

Gyoverly Hills: After hearing that King Neptune has prepared a banquet for him and his friends, Luffy wants to leave immediately. Megalo immediately offers himself as a mount for the Straw Hat Pirates. Of course, Camie and Pappag are also invited, as they are friends of the pirates.

Outside Fishmen Island: Gyro and his gang think they have finally escaped, but they spot Hody Jones, who has been waiting for them. The captain of the Fishmen has handcuffed himself. Suddenly he disappears and something pierces Gyro’s ship. Gyro quickly realizes that it is Hody Jones, moving as fast as a torpedo in the water. Again and again, the fish-man attacks the ship until he gets on it himself and defeats Gyro in no time. Shortly after, he bites the main mast with his teeth and the pirates realize that Jones handcuffed himself to show that he is so strong that he wouldn’t even need his hands against them.

Noah: Zeo explains that a fish person is already ten times stronger than a normal human. The E.S. (energy steroids) they take doubles that strength again per pill, even if it shortens their own lifespan in the process. However, this was a price they were willing to pay to destroy the people responsible for Fisher Tiger’s death and destroying Arlong’s dream.

Gyro’s Pirate Ship: Jones has since destroyed the entire ship and put the remains, as well as the survivors, into a coating bubble for some of his men to take ashore. Jones wants the pirates to tell of the horrors they faced in the water, so that everyone in the world knows that fish people are the supreme species. To make this happen, however, Jones next wants to topple Neptune from his throne.

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