One Piece Episode 529


Fishmen Island, City: Luffy, Chopper and Usopp are looking for blood donors for Sanji, but all the fishmen and sea people just bow their heads in shame. Everyone is too afraid of the consequences. Fortunately, Chopper is able to locate people who might be suitable donors after all.

Mermaid Bay: Ishilly and some other mermaids find a sealed barrel that had fallen from the Thousand Sunny. They wonder what it contains and decide to open it secretly.

Mermaid Cafe: Sanji finally regains consciousness after the blood transfusion. His friends explain to him what had happened. Sanji tries to remember why he got a nosebleed in the first place, to which his friends quickly stop him. Usopp wants to change the subject and introduce Sanji to his donors. To Sanji’s shock, it’s the transgender twins Splash and Splatter. While doing so, Chopper notices that Luffy’s arm has been wounded. The reindeer examines the wound and finds that Luffy has been poisoned. However, Luffy’s body has already developed antibodies to various poisons, thanks to his encounter with Magellan. Luffy suspects that it was the Octopus Man from the New Fishmen pirates who attacked him earlier, as he was the only one who could block Luffy’s attack.

Mermaid Bay: Hyouzou takes his comrades away, hoping Luffy will survive his poisoning or he’ll be in trouble. Meanwhile, screams ring out from the mermaids. Other mermaids rush to where the screams came from. There is no trace of Ishilly and her friends. Only the remains of a broken barrel can be found.

Mermaid Cafe: Camie thanks Madame Shyarly, the owner of the cafe, for letting them use the back rooms for Sanji’s recovery. Meanwhile, Usopp and Luffy find a strange orb and Camie explains that this is Shyarly’s crystal ball that she uses to see the future. Shyarly explains she hasn’t done this in a little while, as it’s better not to know the future. Shortly after, Shyarly gives Camie the rest of the day off. Camie then decides to go with Pappag, as she still has a delivery to make.

City: Camie tells Usopp and Luffy that Madame Shyarly, as a child, foresaw the great pirate age, Marine Ford’s war, and Whitebeard’s death. Both are puzzled and now understand why Shyarly is reluctant to see the future. Meanwhile, Luffy inquires about Chopper, who is still watching over Sanji in the café.

Usopp, Luffy and Camie want to visit Pappag, but also meet Brook, who is accompanied by some mermaids. Pappag saved him after they got separated. The latter was about to go to his house with Brook and now invites Luffy & Co. to join them. The friends hail a cab when a wanted poster of Vander Decken catches Brook’s eye. The skeleton is surprised that someone would want to pin a ghost. Pappag explains that Vander Decken is not a ghost, but a wanted underwater bandit.

On the way to his house, Pappag reveals to his friends that Vander Decken tried several times to marry the mermaid princess, who kept refusing. At some point, the love letters turned into threats, which is why Vander Decken is wanted. When Brooks asks why Vander Decken has lived so long, the starfish explains that the old legend of Vander Decken has been somewhat exaggerated. In truth, Vander Decken I had landed on Fish-Man Island one day and had decided to live there and died one day. The Vander Decken they met was Vander Decken IX, his descendant. Luffy is less interested in the old stories and more surprised at how different each member of a family looks on Fish-Man Island. Pappag declares this to be quite normal. When fish-man and sea-man marry, there would always be four different possibilities for what the children will become. Next, they pass a candy factory that has a pirate flag. The factory is owned by Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, who made Fish-Man Island her territory after Whitebeard died, so she could protect the island. The only downside is a kind of candy tax that must always be paid to her monthly. Luffy wonders if he will meet Big Mom, who like Shanks is one of the Four Emperors. Meanwhile, they’ve finally arrived in Gyoverly Hills, where they marvel at Pappag’s grand estate.

Mermaid Cafe: Madame Shyarly is screaming in panic in the street outside her cafe. She demands Straw Hat Luffy leave the island before it’s too late. People ask her what’s wrong. She explains that she sensed something strange in Luffy’s presence, which is why she risked a peek into the future. In her vision, she saw a person wearing a straw hat, who she thinks is Luffy, is going to destroy Fish-Man Island.

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