One Piece Episode 528


Fish-Man Island, Coast: Nami has come to and is admiring the artificial sky of the island. Suddenly something comes shooting out of the water towards her. It is Franky, who had been diving for Robin and has now brought her ashore. Robin comes to some time later and asks where the others are. Franky has just returned from his reconnaissance trip and must confess to not having found any of the others. However, he is of the opinion that there is really no need to worry about the others, besides, he has been able to locate a town.

Mermaid Bay: Sanji swims around overjoyed with the mermaids. Meanwhile, Chopper is glad that Sanji has his nosebleed under control, as he is out of blood for a transfusion and Sanji has a rare blood type. Meanwhile, Luffy asks Camie if it would be okay if he could visit someone. He opens up to her that he would like to see Jinbe again, who helped him a lot two years ago to deal with the loss of Ace. Luffy and Jinbe had promised to meet again on this island after that. Camie has to disappoint Luffy, however, as Jinbe is not on the island at the moment. He and his band of pirates had to leave the island after Jinbe resigned from his samurai post. Since then, he and his crew have been pursued by the navy again. Camie goes on to explain that the war two years ago meant a lot of changes for this island.

Suddenly, the little mermaids come to Camie excitedly and explain that a royal ship is on its way here. They fear that the royal guard wants to arrest Luffy & Co. for their illegal entry to the island. The mermaids act by hiding the straw hats. When the ship arrives, the three princes of the island, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi and Manboshi, emerge from it. They ask the mermaids if they have seen anyone enter the island recently because they are looking for someone in particular. The mermaids deny this. Meanwhile, the whole situation is being watched by Hammond and his fellow mermaids. Meanwhile, Sanji, pressed against Ishilly’s chest, can’t take it anymore. His blood shoots out of his nose like a fountain into the sky. Even Luffy is sure this was way too much blood loss and is seriously worried along with everyone else. The princes have now spotted them, at which point Fukaboshi sends out the Ammo Knights.

Coral Forest: Zoro is lost again and can’t make it out of a forest full of giant coral. Suddenly he is surrounded by a group of Ammo Knights who ask if he is Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hats.

Mermaid Bay: Chopper and Luffy plead with everyone present to see if anyone could be a donor for a blood transfusion to save Sanji’s life. Camie explains that a blood transfusion between humans and fish people or sea people would normally be possible. But before Camie can finish her explanation, Hammond interrupts her. The fish-man has to laugh and explains that no one on this island would dare donate blood to a “lesser” human, lest they risk punishment from the human-haters. It is an old, unwritten law on Fish-Man Island that forbids giving blood to a human. The law was created after Fisher Tiger died. After a battle, no human would give him blood, even though he had freed so many slaves, of all races, beforehand, that he eventually died. Usopp can’t believe this and continues to plead with everyone, but no one present will budge. Hammond again says it’s useless and now wants to capture Luffy and hand him over to his captain. Luffy activates Gear 2 and attacks all three members of the New Fishmen pirate gang with his gum-gum jet gun. However, only Hyouzou is able to withstand the attack. The sea beast of the three now wants to attack the captain of the Straw Hats, but this easily tames Luffy with his Haki. Camie meanwhile has captured the princes’ ship and calls Luffy & Co. to him. They would go to the city, as there would surely be people there to donate their blood to Sanji. On the way there, though, Camie has to confess that the chances of meeting people are slim, too, since they’ve had hardly any visitors for a month, as if something is intercepting all the people off Fish Man Island.

Mermaid Cove: The princes explain that it was all a misunderstanding. They merely wanted to deliver a message from Jinbe.

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