One Piece Episode 527


At last, the Straw Hat Pirates seems to have reached Fish Man Island. But only a few meters away, a group of sea beasts confronts them. Riding the monsters are the fishmen Hammond, Hyouzou, and Kasagoba, members of the New Fishmen Pirates. Hammond angrily asks Surume why he is helping useless humans. The octopus then flees in a panic. Hammond wonders what to do with the gang. On the one hand, Luffy had defeated Arlong and ruined his plans. On the other hand, he had helped Hatchan two years ago and attacked one of the world’s aristocrats, like their role model Fisher Tiger. Hammond therefore gives the Straw Hats a choice: either join the New Fishmen pirate gang now, or their ship will be sunk here and now. Nami then asks Franky to refill the Sunny’s tank so they can reach the island with one last coup de burst. Nami knows that they are in no condition to fight right now, so escape would be best for now. Hammond then asks Luffy what his decision would be. Luffy cheekily declines the offer. Hammond then declares him and the rest of his crew enemies of the fish people and plans to sink the ship. Before the Sea Lion can attack, the Sunny launches its final coup de burst, thus whizzing past the enemies. However, so much air is consumed in the process that the coating bubble contracts tighter and tighter, pushing the Straw Hats to the ground.

The Sunny races into the island’s protective bubble, with the pirate gang shocked to discover that the island is surrounded by two bubbles and they are currently in the bubble that has only air in it. Thanks to the coup de burst, they don’t fall right back out of the first bubble, but they barely reach the second. Inside the second bubble, they have again entered an area filled with water. The gang falls off the ship and the devil fruit users immediately lose consciousness. The current catches the pirates and they are separated from each other.

Outside Fish-Man Island: Hyouzou asks if they should go after the gang, which Hammond confirms. However, for now, he wants to return to Noah to tell their boss that the one who destroyed Arlong’s dream is now on Fish-Man Island.

Fish-Man Island: Luffy comes to in an apartment. Five little mermaids are there, gazing at him. Sanji, Usopp and Chopper, who are also there, have long been awake and are glad that their captain has finally woken up as well. Suddenly, Luffy hears a familiar voice and realizes he is in Camie’s house, who immediately greets him. Usopp explains that the mermaids found them and then Camie took them back to his house. Camie apologizes for not being on the Sabaody Archipelago to accompany them to Fish-Man Island. She didn’t think the Straw Hat Pirates would show up there for another month. The little mermaids then bring the straw hats’ clothes, which they have been drying. Camie introduces her little friends. She explains that they are in the mermaid area, near the Mermaid Cafe, where she has many friends. Sanji immediately inquires for more details and makes it clear to his comrades that he swore he wouldn’t get a nosebleed and pass out on Fish Man Island.

Camie then goes with the others to the turtle elevator to go up. She explains that they are in the coral apartment, which is underwater and therefore quite cheap. Hatchan is currently in the Fishmen’s District recovering from his injuries sustained while guarding the Sunny. Pappag, in turn, would be in a rather wealthy district of Fishmen Island. However, Camie would be delivering some shells there today, so they could accompany her.

A short time later they reach the surface, which is equipped with an artificial sky and light. There they are immediately greeted by a dozen beautiful mermaids. The sight makes Sanji cry with happiness, especially when one mermaid offers him a dance in the water.

Fishmen’s District, Noah: Hammond reports to his boss that Straw Hat Luffy is on Fishmen’s Island. The latter demands that he be brought to him.

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