One Piece Episode 526


On their journey to Fish-Man Island, the Straw Hat Pirates encounters the Flying Dutchman. Brook tells the story of the ship. Back in the day, many hundreds of years ago, Captain Vander Decken is said to have once gone mad and killed his own crew. This infuriated the gods of the seas, so they banished him and his ship, the Flying Dutchman, to the sea forever. Brook is sure that the ghost ship they see now is the ghost ship from this legend. Franky immediately tries to calm the crew’s fear mongers a bit; Robin, on the other hand, gets a kick out of it and says that if the legendary beast of the octopus is real, it’s also quite possible that this legend could be true as well.

Flying Dutchman: Some crew members tell their captain that Wadatsumi and Ankoro have captured a pirate ship. Vander Decken is already looking forward to the treasures the ship must harbor.

Thousand Sunny: Nami senses a rise in temperature and fears an underwater volcano explosion.

Vander Decken is greedy for the treasures of the Sunny and orders Wadatsumi to sink the ship. The latter accepts his captain’s order and takes a swing. Unfortunately, the Straw Hat Pirates can no longer dodge with Coup de Burst, as the tank is empty. However, Wadatsumi is surprisingly knocked down by the Kraken. The latter continues to pummel the giant fish-man for quite a while, until he receives an order from someone to stop. The order came from Luffy, who is in Zoro’s coating bubble with Zoro and Sanji. Reunited on the ship, Luffy explains that his and Sanji’s bubble had burst, which is why they sought refuge with Zoro. Furthermore, he had managed to tame the Kraken and christened him Surume. Luffy now wants to travel with him the rest of the way to Fish Man Island, like experienced sailors. Surume then takes the Sunny on his back and moves on at Luffy’s command.

No sooner has Surume started to move than there is a commotion as some underwater volcanoes are about to erupt. Vander Decken’s pirate gang and the Straw Hat Pirates immediately have their underwater draft animals pull them to safety before they can reach the lava. Nami, meanwhile, gives instructions as to which direction their destination, Fish Man Island, is. After some time, as they rush towards a precipice, Nami shouts to Surume to jump down there. Since the eruptions have also loosened some rocks, they come after the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Usopp knows how to fend them off briefly with Green Star: Sargasso. The gang also celebrates the second hero of the day: Surume. A rock falls on his head after all. Surume loses consciousness and drops the Sunny.

10,000 Meters Down: When the gang regains consciousness, they are awakened by a bright light. Luffy discovers Fish Man Island. An island in the middle of the ocean protected by a massive bubble. Sanji and Brook are already excited to see the mermaids. However, the mere thought of the mermaids gives Sanji another big nosebleed. Chopper advises him not to see the mermaids, because otherwise it might be life-threatening for him. But Sanji is indifferent to this. He wants to make his dream come true. Suddenly, a group of sea monsters approach the gang. When Surume awakens, he is startled. Luffy notices that some of them are being ridden by some fish people.

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