One Piece Episode 525


On the way to Fish-Man Island, the Straw Hat Pirates encounters a giant Kraken. Luffy uses Gear 3, which he improves with Haki, but the seawater weakens him greatly, which the Kraken wants to exploit to stop Luffy. Sanji wants to prevent this and uses his new technique Blue Walk to run through the water at breakneck speed, like a fish-man. He inadvertently leaves his protective bubble in the process, but is still able to stop the giant squid. When the octopus attacks again, Zoro knows how to stop it. He is able to cut through one of the Kraken’s arms with just one attack, splitting it into several pieces. Luffy does not approve of this at all, as he eventually wants the Kraken as a pet. With the use of Luffy’s new technique Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, the Kraken is knocked out and falls into the abyss. The blow also caused it to spit out a shark, which immediately thanks the Straw Hats and then swims away. But now that the octopus is gone, the current picks up strongly and takes the trio in the bubbles with it. Sunny is not spared either and is also pulled into the depths.

With the strong current, everything goes haywire on board. Nevertheless, Nami tries to stay concentrated and to give instructions to the others to make sure that the Sunny does not crash anywhere. After some time the Sunny is now 7000 m below sea level. Brook, meanwhile, senses that they are being watched from all sides. Unfortunately for them, they have been separated from Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. With the darkness, they have no idea where they are. Franky thinks that they shouldn’t waste time looking for the three of them and activates his Franky Nipple Lights. However, after realizing that they are surrounded by giant sea monsters, the gang prefer to flee. Franky then turns on the Sunny’s headlights. The gang tries to keep their eyes open everywhere to find their missing friends. In the process, they are attacked by some monsters, which they can escape thanks to Franky’s evasive maneuvers.

Meanwhile, Brook notices Caribou’s disappearance. The latter correctly suspects that he is currently hiding somewhere on the ship and is just waiting for the right moment to strike. In fact, Caribou was able to hide in a barrel thanks to his devilish powers. While it annoys Caribou that he can’t take the straw hat’s head, he settles for the rest of the gang instead, which he then plans to eliminate on Fish-Man Island. Franky has already spotted him, though, and seals the barrel with some boards and nails. The cyborg explains to his comrades-in-arms that they were lucky to have found him again, because he has devilish powers.

Suddenly it becomes quite hot. In front of them, huge clouds of smoke stretch out all at once. With a shock, Nami discovers that they are near an underwater volcano. Franky uses a small coup de burst again, but uses up some air in the process. Since the Sunny keeps getting attacked by some sea monsters, Franky is forced to use this evasive maneuver several times, which does use up a lot of air and shrinks the bubble.

All at once, the gang is distracted by a large light. Chopper hopes that it is finally the fish man island, but the light is getting closer. It is a giant deep sea angler fish. The Sunny narrowly escapes the monstrosity, but is faced with a giant shortly after: Wadatsumi. Wadatsumi lashes out, but unlike expected, he strikes at the frogfish Ankoro and reprimands him for having been forbidden to eat ships several times. Even though the giant helped them, Usopp thinks they’d better get out of here. However, a large ghost ship then appears out of nowhere: The Flying Dutchman.

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