One Piece Episode 524


While the Straw Hat Pirates, underwater, is on their way to Fish Man Island, they are suddenly attacked by the Caribou Pirates, who want to board the Sunny and kill all the Straw Hats. The Caribou pirate gang’s ship rams the Sunny several times. Nami notices that the other pirate gang’s ship is being pulled by a manatee, which makes a rather familiar sound. The Caribou pirates then prepare to board the ship.

Thousand Sunny: Nami runs forward and her suspicions are confirmed: The manatee is none other than Moo-Cow of the Arlong Pirates. Nami asks the manatee if she doesn’t remember her. She remembers. Sanji also remembers a manatee at that moment and asks Luffy if she looks familiar too. When Moo-cow sees them, she remembers what they did to her two years ago and becomes terrified. At the same time, Caribou manages to get onto the Straw Hats’ ship and wants his crew to follow him so they can kill everyone on board. However, just as Caribou has jumped onto the ship, Moo-Cow, because of her fear of Sanji and Luffy, has run off, dragging the entire Caribou pirate gang ship with her.

Caribou doesn’t notice this and continues to shout that his crew should now fire their machine guns at the Straw Hat Pirates as a greeting. However, when no one answers and Caribou then turns around, he is shocked to find that his entire crew has disappeared. Franky then calmly walks over to Caribou, grabs him, and slowly walks him to the railing. Caribou begs for mercy that Franky should not throw him off the ship, because after all, God sees everything and would not approve of this. Franky then throws him to the ground, reminding Caribou that just a short time ago he wanted to kill them all. Zoro asks Caribou who he is. After the performance earlier, he guesses that Caribou must be the captain. When Caribou sees the pirate hunter, he is frightened and lies: he is not the captain, but only a slave of the pirates and he would be glad to be released from them now and asks if he could therefore stay a little longer on the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. Except for Chopper, no one believes his story, with Usopp then telling Chopper that Caribou is just lying to them. Nami asks Caribou where they got Moo Cow. Caribou is quite taken with Nami’s appearance and flirts with her, to which Sanji kicks him. Sanji himself is then brought back to the brink of the bubble by his nosebleed, which he gets when he looks at Nami. Caribou then explains that he caught Moo-cow somewhere so that the manatee would serve as their navigator. This, he says, is a method that some experienced sailors would use. Luffy is immediately excited by this.

Ship of the Caribou pirate gang: Moo-cow still swims away in panic and cannot be calmed down. However, Coribou vows to save his brother.

Thousand Sunny: Luffy is on the lookout for sea monsters that can pull the Sunny. Meanwhile, Chopper and Brook try to slowly bring Sanji back to normal with some photos of Nami. Zoro, meanwhile, has Caribou tied up. Nami puts on a coat and suggests the crew do the same, since the temperature will drop the lower they go. Franky, Brook and Nami then try to educate the rest of the crew about the underwater currents. Brook explains that the deepest parts of the sea have hardly been explored, so there are many myths about monsters, curses and ghosts. This story immediately scares Chopper and Brook himself, while Luffy is already looking forward to having another adventure. Nami tries to explain a few more things, but it’s just too complicated for Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Chopper, so they continue to see it as a mysterious current. Shortly after, just as Nami planned, the ship is caught in the current, which pushes the ship further down. Usopp compares the whole thing to some sort of underwater waterfall.

What lies at the bottom, no one can really see, because the water is too deep there. But something then strikes the bound Caribou. Anxiously, he explains that he can hardly believe that “the demon of the deep” lives here, of all places. Caribou warns the Straw Hats to turn the ship around immediately, or they will all be destroyed by the monster lurking about. Usopp thinks Caribou is lying to them again and declares that certainly none of those myths Brook spoke of earlier are true. However, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates already sees some ship parts, floaters, and tentacles coming up from below and advises Usopp to take a look around. Usopp then sees the massive octopus in front of him, which had just destroyed a ship that must have sailed away from the Straw Hats. The enormous octopus is as big as a giant and doesn’t seem to be in a good mood either. Caribou begs the Straw Hats to turn back and try the whole thing again in a few days, when the Kraken has moved on. But Luffy doesn’t want to do this, as he’s already got it into his head to tame the Kraken into pulling their ship. Usopp and Chopper try to dissuade Luffy and, completely terrified, try to explain that this creature is far too big and dangerous. Brook, meanwhile, calmly drinks a cup of tea, thinking to himself that curiously enough, the Kraken is basically the exact opposite of him, since a Kraken has flesh but no bones, while Brook has only bones but no flesh. Robin tries to draw the octopus, and Franky has to admit that she does a pretty good job of it. Zoro agrees to help Luffy tame it, but immediately asks if he has a plan. Luffy sees the biggest difficulty is that they’re underwater. Caribou can’t believe how calm everyone on board is, since normally any other person in such a situation would just think about running away. Sanji, surrounded by photos of Nami and Robin, is able to slowly control his nosebleed and offers to help.

The ship of the Caribou pirate gang, which has given Moo Cow a few blows on the head to make her turn back, comes back to rescue Caribou. The latter is so moved that he is already in tears. But the Caribou pirate gang’s ship is grabbed by a single tentacle of the Kraken and broken in two. Moo-cow quickly swims away while the rest of the gang drifts upward. Caribou can’t believe what just happened to his ship and crew. Zoro, because of the thick bodies of Caribou’s gang, reminds the whole thing of a group of jellyfish swimming upward. The Kraken has now set its sights on the Sunny and is swimming towards it. Luffy and Zoro are eager to fight, but are stopped by Usopp and Chopper, who don’t want the two to burst the bubble. Caribou then makes a suggestion on how they can fight anyway. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji each get a small coating bubble that acts like a diving suit, making them able to fight underwater themselves. The three then run off, but lose their safety lines in the process.

Luffy explains that the two of them should distract the Kraken a bit so he can defeat it with a strong punch. Zoro says he could take care of that too, but Luffy doesn’t want Zoro to cut him up, since Luffy wants the Kraken as a pet. Meanwhile, Franky, Chopper, and Robin protect the ship from some tentacles. Now Luffy wants to present a new technique and uses Gear 3 for it.

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