One Piece Episode 521


Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 17: After Rayleigh hands Nami a manual on how to use coated ships, he leaves with Shakuyaku. Nami then wants to set sail and go to Grove 42. Franky then wants to call Zoro and Sanji. Robin worries about Luffy, as he is known to always cause trouble and thinks he is surely in trouble again. Nami then worries too, to which Chopper says he already has an idea to pick him up.

Concert Hall: The reporters report on the riots as Brook’s fans are still stopping the Marine from pursuing their idol. They also announce that Brook is part of the Straw Hat Pirates and has escaped.

Grove 41: Zoro and Sanji are fighting again due to one of their usual arguments when Sanji’s Den-den Mushi rings and Franky tells them to come to Grove 42. Sanji explains to Zoro what’s going on, but he just notices a big commotion coming from Grove 46.

Grove 46: The fake Straw Hat gang has found Luffy, who doesn’t know what’s going on, to punish him for disrespecting them earlier. The fake Luffy wants to make an example out of the real Straw Hat, not knowing that he is the real one, so that none of the new members of his crew will mess with him. But before that can happen, the navy appears and surrounds the entire gang. The Navy is clearly outnumbered, whereupon the fake Luffy orders Caribou to use the Marine they captured earlier as a shield so they can escape. But since the latter lied to Caribou earlier about not notifying the Navy, Caribou would rather punish the soldier and shoots him point blank. The fake Luffy can’t believe that Caribou didn’t listen to him. The navy in turn takes this action as a declaration of war, whereupon a fight ensues between the new members of the fake Straw Hat Pirates, who are confident of victory because they believe their boss is Luffy, and the navy. With the “normal” pirates the navy still manages quite well, but against the rookies Lip Doughty, Albion and Caribou, who has eaten from a devil fruit, they seem powerless. Initially scared by the situation, the fake straw hats are now confident of victory after seeing what their new members can do. To spur them on even more, the fake Luffy offers the position of his right hand to whoever kills the most marines, believing himself to be invincible with that fighting power. However, explosions occur shortly after, as the two Pacifista have now shown up as well. They quickly decimate the number of pirates and defeat Doughty with only one attack. The fake straw hats get scared again and want to leave. But they run right into Sentomaru. The other pirates notice this and cheer for their boss to show them the power of the Straw Hat Pirates. Sentomaru asks the man in front of him who he is, to which he introduces himself as Luffy, son of Revolutionary Dragon, grandson of Garp, and pirate captain with a bounty of 400 million berries. However, Sentomaru knows the real Luffy and finishes off the impostor with just one blow with the flat side of his axe. PX recognizes the impostor as DeMaro Black, bounty 26 million berry. The rest of the impostors then run away as fast as they can. The other pirates can’t believe they were tricked like this. Even the real Luffy has finally understood what this is all about and would rather sneak away before he is noticed. However, one of the Pacifista has already noticed him and shoots at him. Luffy is able to avoid the attack, but his disguise is lost and everyone recognizes him. The fake Straw Hats can’t believe they’ve been messing with the real Luffy all this time and are shocked. Luffy recognizes Sentomaru and is annoyed that he got dragged into the whole mess now after all, when he was actually on his way to his ship. Sentomaru, in turn, declares that he is now an official member of the Navy, and is therefore arresting Luffy here and now. The PX5 attacks again, but Luffy easily dodges each attack. Instead of using his legs, Luffy now activates his Gear 2 state with his arms and defeats the Pacifista with just a single gum-gum jet gun. Everyone present is speechless at the power Luffy has developed. Sentomaru immediately realizes that Luffy has learned the power of Haki over the two years.

Luffy then runs off to find his ship, this time being met by the real Zoro and Sanji. PX-7 tries to take them out, but they each manage to defeat the Pacifista with just one attack before he even gets to move. Zoro tells Luffy that he is the ninth, while Sanji in turn explains that everyone at the ship is already waiting. Together, the three then flee from the navy. However, Luffy suddenly stops and lowers his luggage. A few meters away, he sees Rayleigh, who wanted to check on things. Luffy thanks Rayleigh for everything he has done for him in the last two years and declares that he could do it now, he would definitely become king of the pirates now.

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