One Piece Episode 520


Concert Hall (Sabaody Dome): Brook has just finished his song and the crowd goes wild. He still finishes his song with his 45° position, whereupon some women even faint with excitement. Backstage Brook wants to take a little break and refresh himself before he goes out again, when suddenly a Den-den Mushi rings.

Grove 46: The Marine spying on the gathering of the new members of the fake Straw Hat Pirates is discovered by Caribou and dragged from his hiding place. Just as Caribou is having a conversation with his brother Coribou about what they’d best do to him now, the Marine wants to take the chance to quickly finish Caribou, the Marine Slayer, off himself with a pistol shot. But he can’t get his gun out fast enough, whereupon Caribou attacks him with a spear. Caribou then orders his brother to bury the marine alive for his “sins”. However, at that moment, the impostor, posing as Luffy, appears and orders Caribou not to do so, preferring to hold the marine somewhere. After a little speech that all those gathered here will now belong to his crew and will lay down their lives for him, the pirates cheer their new captain. At the same time, the impostors, posing as Zoro and Sanji, arrive together with the real Luffy, who thinks he has his real friends in front of him. Meanwhile, the fake Luffy has given orders to find those who didn’t show him the respect he deserved on the archipelago (Nami, Usopp and Luffy).

Concert hall: Backstage Brook has heard via the Den-den Mushi that the navy is approaching, but first he wants to play one more song for his fans as a farewell, who keep calling outside for an encore. Brook then walks back out onto the stage. Outside, he is about to deliver an important message to his fans when gunfire erupts and lights are turned on throughout the venue. The Marines have surrounded the concert hall and announce over the loudspeakers that they have found out that Soul King Brook was the former Vice Captain of the Rumba Pirates, with a bounty of 33 million berries, and is believed to be a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, so they are now going to arrest him. Brook’s manager comes on stage and says it’s all over now. Brook had already guessed that he was behind everything, to which the manager admits this and explains that he did this after Brook told him about his resignation ruining him.

Thousand Sunny: Usopp and Chopper marvel at Franky’s new body and are completely blown away. Chopper is even so extremely excited that Usopp has to calm him down first. Shortly after, Usopp asks Franky how he’s even going to do detailed work with such massive robot hands. No sooner said than a human-sized hand comes out of Franky’s large palm. Meanwhile, Nami and Robin greet each other and talk after a long time. Meanwhile, Franky shows Usopp and Chopper what happens when you press on Franky’s nose, with hair coming back out of Franky’s head. Chopper wants to see Franky’s weapons next, but he wants to wait until Luffy gets there to do it. Rayleigh and Shakuyaku then come to the Sunny, as some things are happening on the archipelago.

Concert Hall: The Marine orders Brook to drop his instrument and come with them. Brook, meanwhile, asks his band and backup singers to join him again for one last song. Brook takes his microphone, thanks his manager for the past two years, and then calls out to his audience that it’s bullshit that Luffy has passed away and they should spread this around quietly. He explains that the pirate Luffy is still alive and will surely be king of the pirates one day. Immediately, several reporters rush out of the concert hall to call their editors to spread the news. Brook explains that in the last two years his music has found new power and wants to start his last song. The marines want to stop this, but Brook’s fans stop the marines from interrupting the concert any further. Brook then starts his last song as Soul King: “New World”. While Brook sings, his manager remembers the time they had together and puts his gun down. While he does end up wanting to shoot him, his two colleagues stop him. After Brook is done, the marines have managed to get away from the fans and want to shoot at Brook. However, a small fireworks display occurs, a puff of smoke and Brook is gone. In the ceiling of the concert hall you can see a big hole, through which a flying fish of the Rosy-Life Riders, came and picked up Brook.

Thousand Sunny: Shakuyaku explained that the Navy was on its way here because of the fake Straw Hats. She had already told Brook about everything via a Den-den Mushi and he would be here shortly as well. Rayleigh, meanwhile, explains to Nami how to deal with a coated ship. Shakuyaku thinks they should set sail quickly because of the Navy. However, the gang is not ready yet because Luffy is still missing. Rayleigh, however, explains that Luffy is already on the island. Franky, in turn, explains that he gave Sanji a mini snail and he’s on his way with Zoro right now, which is why they can contact them. Shakuyaku gives the Vivre Card to the Straw Hats so they can more easily find Luffy. Rayleigh, in turn, thinks they’d be best off leaving from Grove 42.


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