One Piece Episode 516


On the Kuja pirate gang’s ship, shortly after Luffy visited Marine Ford for the second time: Jinbe had summoned a whale after his injuries had healed and now wanted to say goodbye to Luffy. Luffy thanks Jinbe for everything he has done for him. Jinbe says that this thanks is unnecessary, which Luffy doesn’t agree with, to which he explains that he never would have made it this far without Jinbe. Jinbe in turn thanks Luffy for the kind words and plans to help him again in two years on Fish-Man Island, if he can. Shortly after, Jinbe travels back to Fishmen Island. Rayleigh asks Hancock to take him and Luffy to the site of their training, Rusukaina, shortly after.

Rusukaina: Rayleigh explains that this harsh jungle island is the perfect place to train because it has 48 seasons a year, as well as extremely strong beasts. Hancock immediately promises to visit Luffy daily to bring him some food, but Rayleigh immediately forbids this, saying that the visits would unnecessarily interfere with training. Hancock is not so thrilled about this, until Rayleigh explains to her that there is plenty of food on the island and that it is for Luffy’s good. Rayleigh then goes deeper into the jungle with Luffy.

Jungle: Rayleigh explains that he and Luffy are now the only people on the island. No one before them would have lasted long enough to survive here permanently. Luffy is far from intimidated by this, however, and thinks he already smells a great adventure. Rayleigh pauses for a moment and explains that there are at least 500 beasts here stronger than Luffy. Luffy asks how he knows the number so accurately, to which Rayleigh tells him that he has something important to learn: the Haki. Shortly after, a massive elephant approaches them. However, Rayleigh remains calm and continues to explain to Luffy what the Haki is. When the monstrous elephant then attacks them, Luffy tries to hit it back with Gear 2, but doesn’t stand a chance. Rayleigh takes advantage of this to present the Haki. First, Rayleigh predicts what the elephant is going to do with his eyes closed and dodges. Luffy remembers seeing this ability in his fights back in the day with Sandersonia and Enel. Rayleigh explains that this ability of the Haki is called Mantora on Sky-Island. As the elephant attacks again, Rayleigh wants to showcase the Haki’s next ability and uses the flat of his hand to beat back the attack. Again, Luffy had seen this before with Marigold and Sentomaru. Rayleigh explains that this use of the Haki creates an invisible armor that increases the power. Further, Rayleigh explains that this “armor” briefly cancels the effect of the Devil Fruit, making even Logia users vulnerable to attack. Luffy then understands that if he learns this technique, he will have an easier time with opponents like Smoker or the Admirals. Using the Kuja Arrows, Rayleigh explains that this “armor ability” can also be transferred to weapons to strengthen them. Rayleigh next wants to demonstrate the third and rarest ability and manages to collapse the elephant with a mere glance. Rayleigh explains that this ability can’t get stronger until you’re strong enough yourself, and you shouldn’t use it unpracticed or it could affect innocent people. Luffy is still amazed at how strong Rayleigh is and respects him even a little more now. Further, he explains that he had already seen most of the Haki’s abilities in a variety of places on a variety of people: Shanks, Garp, Enel, Aisa, Hancock, and the rest of the Kuja pirates. Rayleigh believes him about this, but warns him right away that this is not easy training.

In the evening, the former vice of the Pirate King explains that most people only try to learn one of these skills, as the other types are usually too difficult for them. However, Rayleigh wants to teach Luffy the basic principles for all three skills over the next two years. Rayleigh wants to start training after dinner, however Luffy wants to do something else before that. Luffy goes to a Daft Green, which is the only safe place on the island, and puts his straw hat there, as well as the Vivre Card that will take him back to his friends, since Pirate Luffy won’t exist for the next two years. Luffy thinks about his friends for a moment and then heads off to Rayleigh to begin his training.


The Ending of the Episode
  • At the end of the episode, the usual “To Be Continued” was replaced with “Go To New World”.
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