One Piece Episode 515


Kenzan: Brook’s kidnappers want to make money off of him, so they put him in a cage and exhibit him as a rare creature: The Living Skeleton, with only one joint in his arm. But since Brook is still engrossed in the newspaper about Luffy’s return to Marine Ford, he doesn’t move a bit. Brook wonders what he can do to get stronger so he can help Luffy. He thinks back to how he first met Luffy. The latter wasn’t a bit afraid of Brook’s appearance and even wanted Brook to join his crew. Luffy, along with his shadow, gave Brook back his will to live. Brook stands up, walks to one of his cell walls and tries to lean against it at a 40 degree angle, but slips and falls to the ground. At first he wants to try to perfect this to help Luffy. But he reconsiders for a moment, grabs his guitar, and would rather improve his music. He asks his audience if just watching isn’t boring and presents his latest song: “Bone to be Wild”.

Revolutionaries’ Ship in East Blue: The Revolutionaries are happy that Robin decided to go with them to Baltigo to meet Dragon, who has wanted to talk to her for a long time. Robin teases the Revolutionaries a bit, saying that they could have found her sooner. Robin then reminisces about how Saul had told her that she would eventually make friends and was always on the run as a kid. Then on Enie’s lobby she was ready to die, but, to save Robin, Luffy & Co. declared war on the world government. They wanted Robin to live. She had finally found true friends in the Straw Hats. Robin now wants to get a little stronger under Dragon. In doing so, she wonders a bit about herself, since it’s the first time she’s wanted to get stronger for someone else.

Boin Archipelago: Usopp races Heracles to get rid of his weight. After that, Usopp wants to get stronger and stronger. Heracles initially believed that Usopp merely wants to get off this island, but is now interested in what is behind Usopp’s change. Usopp explains that there was a message in the paper from earlier for him and the rest of the crew. Usopp then reminisces about how Luffy accepted him into his gang and how Luffy was able to defeat Rob Lucci after Usopp’s cheering. Usopp explains that he actually always believed that Luffy would make it to King of the Pirates without his help. However, Usopp was wrong because since there are still many strong people in the world, Luffy needs his support. Therefore Usopp begs Heracles to teach him. After he titles him “strong master”, Heracles is ready for the lessons. First, Heracles teaches him the usefulness of Pop Green seeds, which grow at incredible speed and have various effects. Next, they try to reduce Usopp’s weight again. Usopp vows that he will help Luffy become King of the Pirates by truly becoming King of the Sharpshooters in this forest.

Kuraigana: At Dracule Mihawk’s castle, Zoro asks to be taught by him. Dracule Mihawk is again disappointed in Zoro for asking his opponent for help. He wants Zoro to get out of his sight and still thinks that he probably overestimated Zoro. However, Zoro refuses to leave because he wants to get stronger. Hawkeye then says that if Zoro can’t even manage to defeat the Humandrills, he wouldn’t be able to teach him anything. However, Zoro explains, to Dracule Mihawk’s surprise, that he has already defeated all of the Humandrills. Zoro explains that Dracule Mihawk is the only opponent left for him now, however, he himself knows that he is not yet strong enough to take him on. Hawkeye then asks Zoro that if Zoro still considers him an enemy, then why is he asking him to help him get stronger, to which Zoro replies that he wants to be able to defeat Hawkeye one day. The samurai has to laugh at the thought of knowingly teaching whoever is after his head. Still, he is ready and willing to begin Zoro’s training after Zoro’s wounds have healed. In his mind, Hawkeye knows that Zoro isn’t doing this for himself though, as a man of his caliber would only leave his pride behind for someone else to ask his opponent to do such a thing. In Zoro’s room, the latter explains to Perona what the news in the paper means. On Luffy’s arm is a tattoo where Luffy has crossed out 3D while above it is written 2Y. Zoro explains that on the Sabaody Archipelago, they had promised to meet again in three days (3D = 3 Days). However, now the reunion has been postponed, to two years (2Y = 2 Years). The rest that Luffy did in Marine Ford was just to distract the public. He explains that they are not ready for the New World at the moment, so they are taking a break to get stronger until they meet again.

The next day, Zoro and Hawkeye walk out the door, Zoro immediately wanting to become stronger. While doing so, he remembers how Luffy saved his life the first time they met, and how Zoro already vowed to him to become stronger after his first fight with Falcon’s Eye. Back in the present, Hawkeye presents Zoro’s temporary training partner. The Humandrills reappear, but make way for their leader, who is twice their size. The Humandrill leader carries a copy of Dracule Mihawk’s sword, and the samurai explains that this Humandrill would fight on a completely different level, having copied Dracule Mihawk’s fighting style. Zoro then charges into the fight.

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