One Piece Episode 513


Somewhere on the Grand Line, on the Heart pirate gang’s submarine: the gang wonders why they, along with the Straw Hats, are the only gang not leaving for the New World. Law explains that they were merely waiting for the right time, so his crew shouldn’t worry. Since Blackbeard is said to have already beaten one of the other rookie pirate gangs and the rest are now trying to fight each other to thus be recognized as one of the new Four Emperors, the crew believes they should waste no time. Law, however, wants to stay out of the unnecessary fights and thinks they should trust him as they will already get what they want.

New World, on a winter island: the Drake pirate gang explores the island. X. Drake seems to be looking for someone on the island, but his crew believes the island is uninhabited. Shortly after, they are attacked. The pirate gang then sees a massive dome in front of them, which opens to reveal a city. Some men jump off the city walls and their leader tells Drake that they should get out of here, as this is an island under Kaidou’s protection. When Drake asks if Kaidou would come after them if he attacked him, the leader confirms it. Drake thinks that would make things easy and shifts into his dinosaur form.

New World, on a spring island: Scratchmen Apoo has tangled with a massive wild boar. Now a whole dozen are after him and his crew. The on-air pirate gang wants to jump off the coast into the sea to escape the boars, but instead of falling off, the pirates strangely keep running in the air. Since the wild boars are doing the same thing, they are thus not yet safe. Apoo then wonders what is wrong with this crazy island.

On a Burning Island: The Blackbeard pirate gang is annoyed that they couldn’t steal a Navy ship on Marine Ford. Further, some members want to get to a town soon to replenish their supplies and get rid of their prison clothes. Blackbeard wants Van Augur to keep an eye out for the navy, since they should be coming soon. The reason for his assumption is Jewelry Bonney and her Bonney pirate gang are chained to a post a little further back. Blackbeard thought Bonney, for a pirate with a bounty of over 100 million berries, was pretty weak and makes fun of her with his gang. However, Blackbeard makes her an offer on how she could get ahead in the New World. While she is too weak to join his gang, he might be persuaded to take her along if she becomes his wife. But Bonney refuses, giving Blackbeard a kick in the face. Blackbeard then wants to trade her to the navy for a decent ship as soon as possible. Van Augur declares at that moment that a navy ship is coming, with Akainu on it. Since the latter is not known for negotiating with pirates, the Blackbeard pirate gang retreats. A little later, Akainu stands in front of Bonney and says that it is over for her now. She, in turn, says she can never forgive Akainu.

Mary Geoise: Doflamingo explains that Moria got away from him by simply disappearing at the last moment. The man from the World Government is then pissed because the samurai didn’t do his job and calls it sloppy work. Doflamingo doesn’t put up with this and threatens the man, explaining that he’s still a pirate, so he doesn’t work for the World Government and can always resign from his post as a samurai if he gets bored working with the government.

Torino: The inhabitants of the island miss Chopper when suddenly his bird returns and Chopper, disguised as Chopper Mask, jumps off it. The islanders, however, quickly see through Chopper’s rather simple disguise. Chopper does try to convince them otherwise, as he seems embarrassed by his quick return, but even then it becomes too pathetic for him, so he abandons the disguise. Chopper then explains that he wants to stay a little longer to study the plant species on the island and become stronger. One of the residents then takes Chopper to the library for his studies. The library is massive in size and contains books on healing and herbalism, the workings of which Chopper had never even heard of. Chopper hopes to grow stronger here and remembers meeting Hiriluk, who took him in, and later Luffy, who took him to sea. Thanks to Luffy, Chopper no longer felt like a monster, but he believes he would have been no help to Luffy in return. Therefore, Chopper vows to help Luffy and become stronger, even if it means becoming a real monster.


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