One Piece Episode 511


Marine Ford: Brannew is in a conference talking about Luffy. It is discussed that he is the stepbrother of Ace, the son of Dragon, and the grandson of Vice Admiral Garp. His reappearance in Marine Ford is also discussed.

Flashback, a few days earlier: some reporters visit Marine Ford to cover the rebuilding efforts. Among them is a reporter from Arabasta, who is currently talking to another journalist about Whitebeard’s last words that the One Piece exists, and what the consequences were. Furthermore, she wanted to know more about Crocodile and Luffy. Of the latter, it is believed that he might already be deceased. Shortly after, a navy ship appears and attacks the island out of the blue. The ship circles the island and soon Luffy, Jinbe and Rayleigh are discovered. Attempts to sink the ship fail. Using his gum-gum powers, Luffy retreats to the island with Jinbe and Rayleigh. While Jinbe and Rayleigh keep the marines busy, Luffy runs on alone. The reporters, of course, don’t want to miss what Luffy is up to and, keeping a certain distance, follow him. Luffy runs to Marine Ford’s bell and rings it sixteen times. After the reporters take some pictures, Luffy goes to a crevice in the earth and throws down a bouquet of flowers. As the marines surround Luffy, he takes off his hat in front of the crevice and pays his respects. The reporters continue to excitedly snap their photos. Afterwards, Jinbe calls for some whale sharks, with which they leave the island. The reporters agree that this is big news.

Present: Brannew finds it shameful that they were unable to kill Luffy. Furthermore, he finds Luffy’s behavior strange. Apparently he seemed to pay his respects to Ace, Whitebeard, and all the other fallen of the war, but he interprets the sixteen ringing of the bells as a challenge.

The Five Elders converse about the events. The balance of power has shifted with Whitebeard’s death on the pirate side and the absence of three of the Seven Samurai. One of the sages suggests that now, with the pirates trying to hold their own, all they have to do is pick the three strongest for themselves to fill the gap with the samurai. Also addressed is the problem of Blackbeard, who now seems to want to become pirate emperor. Currently, the sages believe that only the other emperors, as well as the remaining members of the Whitebeard pirate gang, could stop him. One of the sages then says that the D has been causing them quite a bit of trouble lately, appearing in public far too often.

Mary Geoise: The former Grand Admiral Kong talks to Sengoku. Garp wanted to resign with him, but Kong was able to persuade him to at least take over the training of young marines. Since Sengoku himself was about to resign as Grand Admiral, Kong is able to persuade him to make the same decision. Still, Kong can hardly believe it. Garp and Sengoku have been at the helm of the Navy since Gold Roger’s time, and now they’re both retiring at the same time, and at a time when so many prisoners have escaped from the Impel Down. Sengoku justifies himself briefly and then suggests Aokiji as the next Grand Admiral.

Marine Ford, Sickbay: Koby has just come to and hears voices from all over Marine Ford. The doctor notes that the trauma of war has activated Koby’s Haki, which is also used by all the Vice Admirals. Helmeppo, in turn, is furious because Koby is thus one step ahead of him again.

In Aokiji’s office: The Admiral is talking to Smoker about Luffy’s appearance. Smoker cares rather less about this. He asks if everything would work out with his transfer. Aokiji questions whether Smoker is really sure about transferring to Naval Base G-5 in the New World. However, Smoker’s mind is made up.

New World: Eustass Kid is reading the newspaper about Luffy’s reappearance in Marine Ford. He and his crew suspect that Luffy has thus ushered in the end of the old pirate era and the beginning of the new. However, the Kid is furious with Luffy, as his actions now put him at the top of the eleven supernovae. He’s also pissed because he was hoping for more from the opponents here. He walks up to some tied up pirates. These beg him to let them go because they were on their way out of this sea back to paradise. Kid asks what the pirate captain meant by paradise.

Fire Tank Pirates: Capone Bege doesn’t worry much about Luffy, declaring that whoever makes the final move will eventually be the victor. Shortly after, his ship is pulled into the air by something huge.

Foodvalten: Brownbeard wants to drive Basil Hawkins off the island because he is said to be on his territory. However, the latter is less than impressed by Brownbeard, briefly lays cards and declares that he does not like jokes and would see the shadow of death over Brownbeard. Shortly after, Hawkins activates his devil power.

Fallen Monk Pirates: Urouge has some trouble docking on an island that is continuously struck by lightning. An old woman in a boat inquires if the pirates would be interested in an umbrella.

Back with Kid’s gang: It turns out that the first half of the Grand Line is a paradise compared to the New World. The pirates that Kid captured therefore beg again to let them go back there. Kid is disgusted by the behavior of the other pirates. If they hadn’t already prepared to die, they would have been better off staying away from that sea. Shortly after, Kid puts a quick end to the pirates. After crucifying the pirates, Kid announces he will finish off Luffy soon enough as well.

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