One Piece Episode 510


Gate of Justice: Rayleigh, Jinbe and Luffy have captured a naval ship and tied up the crew. With the help of a soldier, they get headquarters to open the Gate of Justice for them.

A few days later, Torino: Chopper says goodbye to the villagers as well as the giant birds of the island, as he wants to fly back to the Sabaody Archipelago. He would actually like to stay a little longer to research the island’s medicinal plants, but Chopper thinks Luffy needs him. After the question of how Chopper will get to the archipelago is settled, Chopper also boards a Torino bird. Barely in the air, Chopper again encounters News Coo, the newspaper gull, and wants to read the latest paper while eating some of his lunch. The little reindeer almost chokes when he sees what is now in the newspaper about Luffy.

East Blue, Tequila Wolf: Robin has received a drawing from Soran before they say goodbye to each other. The revolutionaries want to talk to Robin afterwards. They explain that Robin represents the light of the revolution to them, as she was the only survivor of Ohara, who stood against the world government. Therefore, the Revolutionaries have Dragon’s orders to protect her from the World Government at all costs should they find Robin. For this reason, they ask Robin again to come with them to meet Dragon. The archaeologist refuses, as she wants to see her friends again. The revolutionaries accept Robin’s decision, but at least offer to accompany her for a bit because without help or transportation, she wouldn’t see the end of the bridge even after days of walking. Robin, however, still inquires why the revolutionaries have such an interest in her.

Some time later, Robin rides with the revolutionaries in a carriage to the end of the bridge. As Robin reads the latest newspaper, she is glad to hear something from Luffy. Afterwards, she then briefly wonders about what she is reading and smiles.

Momoiro Island: Sanji, now no longer a transgender, wants Caroline to finally give him a ship so he can get off the island. She refuses, but then sees a ship approaching the island. Caroline is startled when she realizes Ivankov is on the ship, finally returning to his kingdom. Sanji remembers reading the name in the newspaper. Ivankov comes off the ship in his woman form and Sanji, thinking he has a woman in front of him, is immediately blown away. Sanji tries to focus and quiz Ivankov about the battle on Marine Ford, but inappropriate things keep creeping into Sanji’s questions. Ivankov transforms into his male form and asks Sanji, who is disappointed and angry at having fallen for another transgender trick, who he actually is.

Later at the castle, Ivankov shows various wanted posters of the Straw Hat Pirates, as Sanji has informed him of his connection to Luffy. He wants to know who he is from them. However, the Cook still cannot accept his drawn wanted poster and denies him. Ivankov therefore thinks Sanji can’t be part of the Straw Hat crew since there is no wanted poster with his face. Sanji is desperate to find out about Luffy and really has to fight with himself until he admits to his wanted poster. But Ivankov doesn’t see any resemblance, so there would still be a chance that Sanji is a Navy spy. Sanji at least wants a ship in that case, which Ivankov also denies him. Finally, Sanji wants to steal a ship as a real pirate and defeat Ivankov in a duel beforehand. In the end, however, he doesn’t stand a chance. Still, Ivankov decides to tell him everything now, because by now the whole world knows about it anyway. He throws the current newspaper at Sanji. Afterwards, Inazuma informs Ivankov that they received a call from Baltigo via the Den-den Mushi.

Baltigo: Ivankov asks Dragon if he doesn’t mind that current events have taught people a thing or two about Dragon. The latter, however, just laughs. They would have only learned that their opponent was also only human. Dragon can hardly believe that Ivankov met his son in prison. He thinks that this was a sign of fate and that he has a lot to talk about with Dragon, who can already guess. He wants to contact his comrades all over the world, because Whitebeard’s death has pushed the world into a completely different situation. Furthermore, Dragon wants to enlighten Ivankov about Bartholomew Kuma. Ivankov is already eager to hear this, but asks Dragon if he has read the latest newspaper that says Luffy attacked Marine Ford again.

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