One Piece Episode 509


Kuraigana: In the castle, Perona has to hear from Hawkeye that Moria has fallen in the war, according to the newspaper, and weeps bitterly for the loss of her former master. Hawkeye is extremely disturbed by this. However, he thinks the article sounds kind of strange, so she shouldn’t take it quite so seriously. Zoro, heavily battered and leaning on his swords, enters shortly after. Perona thinks he should finally let it go, since he wouldn’t stand a chance against the Humandrills. Hawkeye asks his rival why he is in such a hurry. Zoro just can’t sit still after hearing what Luffy went through. He then makes a move to leave the room again. Hawkeye explains that if Zoro was in such a hurry, there would be a small boat to the west of the castle. Zoro thanks him for everything and goes on his way.

Kuraigana Ruins: Zoro has found the boat and is trying to get to shore, but the Humandrills are attacking him again. Some even imitate Zoro’s three-sword style. The boat is broken during the fight.

Castle: Perona is starting to worry about Zoro, though she doesn’t want to show it, so she sets off to find him, saying she doesn’t want to be with the “heartless and cold” Hawkeye all the time. After Perona leaves, Hawkeye recalls his first encounter with Zoro.

Ruins: Zoro fights doggedly against the warlike apes, but they don’t even seem to sense his attacks. Suddenly they break off their attack because Hawkeye has appeared. The latter is surprised that Zoro has hardly made any progress since he left the castle. He then explains to him that the Humandrills are highly intelligent and usually peace-loving. They always mimic the behavior of humans, but since the war seven years ago, they have learned to handle weapons, becoming warriors of the forest. This also made them formidable opponents for aspiring young fighters like Zoro, he said. However, it would be getting late, which is why Zoro should rest. However, Zoro declares he has no time to waste and wants to fight his way to the sea. Hawkeye doesn’t want to bother any longer. So it comes to another showdown between Zoro and the Humandrills.

Namakura: Brook has finished writing his compositions. He hands over his work to Pekkori, who initially believes Brook has made them talismans for protection, which they must distribute throughout the village. Before Brook can explain everything properly, the people are already handing out the leaves. It is only when the longarm humans approach the village that Brook is able to clarify that they were not talismans. The villagers are distraught and don’t know what else to do but give up. However, Brook then begins to play his new song, which gives the villagers new courage and confidence. When they stand before their tormentors, they are determined to fight for their freedom.

In fact, they were able to win and put the three long-armed people in a cage. Pekkori thanks Brook for his help, who thinks they shouldn’t thank him. He would have only made sure that they are able to take care of themselves in the future. Brook then wants to get off the island to Luffy as soon as possible, to cheer him up with his songs after what happened to him. The long-armed people are annoyed that they didn’t manage to catch a few more people with only one joint in their arm, which they would have later put on display to get money from their peers. Meanwhile, Pekkori plans to do just that with the long-armed humans. Brook, however, is against it because it would make the villagers just as bad. Therefore, Brook wants to release them, but threatens them that if they return, he, “the Great Satan,” will eat their hearts next time. The long-armed humans get free and promise not to return. However, shortly after, they tie up and kidnap Brook. They explain that they don’t believe in devils or demons, but that a talking skeleton will surely make them a lot of money. The villagers are horrified that their savior has been kidnapped and immediately want to summon the next demon to rescue their first hero. Meanwhile, Brook promises to be there for Luffy in an inner monologue, but first someone has to help him.

Amazon Lily: Rayleigh is still waiting for a response from Luffy. Boa Hancock and Jinbe find this proposal a bit too heartless, given the situation Luffy is in. But in the end, Luffy has to make the decision, and he doesn’t want to put his friends in a position like he was in the Sabaody Archipelago again. For that reason, he agrees. He will return to Marine Ford.

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