One Piece Episode 507


Amazon Lily, Coast: The Heart pirate gang is out fishing when they see a sea king get into a fight, which he loses. A short time later, it is revealed who finished off the Sea King. It was Rayleigh who gets out of the water. For his part, he explains that his ship had sunk in a storm, which is why he had to swim the last bit. He suspects Luffy is on the island.

Village: Marguerite and her friends are talking about Hancock going to see Luffy since he finally woke up. The Amazons would love to be there to see Luffy again. Meanwhile, Gloriosa tries to make it clear to Hancock that just because Luffy said her name and hugged her, doesn’t mean she’s engaged or even married to Luffy.

Coast: Meanwhile, Jinbe has brought Luffy back to the coast. The Heart pirate gang has already left and is nowhere to be seen. Rayleigh greets Luffy and tosses him his straw hat.

Heart Pirate Submarine: Penguin and Shachi are disappointed to have barely seen any women and to have to leave. Law, on the other hand, wonders what Rayleigh is up to. However he’s certain of one thing: The D will cause excitement once more.

Amazon Lily, Coast: Gloriosa, Sandersonia and Marigold are surprised to see Rayleigh again, who helped them thirteen years ago. With both Jinbe and Luffy’s stomachs rumbling, however, they want to eat first, with Hancock making it clear to Jinbe that she made the food for Luffy. He should therefore restrain himself. Rayleigh has handed Gloriosa a letter from Shakuyaku. They reminisce a bit until Gloriosa gets worried. If Rayleigh could suspect that Luffy is on Amazon Lily, maybe the Navy could too. Rayleigh explains that this worry is unnecessary, as he hadn’t suspected it, but had known. Back during the fight against Kizaru, Bartholomew Kuma told him that he was actually one of the revolutionaries, so he had kept the Straw Hats safe for now. Later, after the navy left, he told Rayleigh where Luffy must have ended up. The rest, that Hancock fell in love with Luffy and surely then helped him break into Impel Down, as well as Marine Ford’s escape, was again Shakuyaku’s thinking. Looking back, Rayleigh must now confess that female intuition is something incredible. However, Rayleigh is sure that the Marine would not believe such a theory either, which is why Luffy is safe. Rayleigh asks the latter if he really wants to go back to the Sabaody Archipelago just yet. Luffy answers in the affirmative. However, Rayleigh reminds him of what happened there last time. He couldn’t save any of his friends then because their opponents were too strong. Rayleigh then asks him if he really wants to face such opponents again, as he is now, only to have the tragedy repeat itself. Rayleigh therefore wants to make him a proposal.

Boin Archipelago: Usopp runs through the forest, with Heracles trying to stop him. In the end, Usopp is thrown back inside by a giant rhinoceros beetle. Once again, Heracles has to tend to Usopp’s wounds. He tries to make Usopp understand that it won’t work, as the beasts on the edge of the island will keep pushing him back into the middle. Pushing into the interior of the island is easy, but getting off of it is nearly impossible. But no sooner has Heracles said this than Usopp tries again. At the same time, a large hippo is attracted by the delicious smell of the island’s food and makes its way to the center. Heracles quickly tries to find Usopp, who in turn frantically tries to return to the Sabaody Archipelago. However, the island, which is actually a giant carnivorous plant, is already beginning to close in. At the last second, Heracles is able to catch Usopp with a vine before he falls into the monster’s mouth. Heracles asks Usopp what’s wrong with him, since he’s been risking his life to get off the island ever since he read the paper. In tears, Usopp explains that he doesn’t have any more time to waste here, since his captain lost his brother in the war and now he has to be there for Luffy.


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