One Piece Episode 504

Ten years ago in East Blue, Shimotsuki village: the night of the visit of the World Noble Dragon’s ship anchored on the coast. Ivankov has gone to the island to get some things and is shocked when Dragon finds someone with severe injuries. While the unknown person is being treated, Ivankov asks where Dragon was, to which he explains that he was watching the ceremony for the World Nobles. Ivankov still gets upset about this, but Dragon says it wasn’t worth mentioning and they need to make preparations. After hearing that their supplies have already been replenished, Dragon wants to head back to Baltigo.
Dawn: A few days after the visit of the World Nobles, the Goa Kingdom falls back into its usual rut and throws its trash outside the city walls again, creating a new Gray Terminal.

Forest: Ace and Luffy train by fighting each other. Luffy still doesn’t quite have his gum-gum powers under control, so he usually checkmates himself, which Ace can only laugh about time and time again. Both of them behave as usual, but every now and then they imagine Sabo’s voice, which they still miss very much.

Dadan’s hut: Dadan finds two notes, which are from Luffy and Ace. In both, they explain that they have now established their own country. When Dadan goes outside the door, she sees that Luffy and Ace have each built a hut in front of hers. Both, in fact, want to try (for the most part) to stand on their own two feet.

Forest: A few days later, Luffy and Ace come face to face with a massive grizzly. Luffy asks Ace for help, but Ace reminds him that each of them wanted to live alone. But Luffy is badly injured in the process and Ace strongly blames himself. In Dadan’s hut, Luffy is being treated. Magra explains that Luffy would probably have died if the wound had been a little deeper. Ace cries the whole time.

A few days later, Makino comes by and Ace asks her how to show respect to others and greet them properly. Makino is surprised at Ace’s behavior, to which he explains that it is his duty as a big brother to thank Shanks one day for saving Luffy. The next few days pass as usual. Every once in a while, Luffy and Ace sneak off to Goa to get something to eat and bounce the bill, though now they both still thank each other for the food. Some days they train together, others they fight wild beasts or Garp together. On still other days they sneak into town and make life difficult for some thieves. Eventually, seven years pass.

Seven years later: Ace has turned 17, with which he leaves to finally start his pirate life. On the coast, Luffy, Makino, Woop Slapp and Dadan’s band of mountain bandits (except for Dadan himself) say goodbye to Ace. The latter still thinks they should wait and see, he would soon make a name for himself.

Dadan’s hut: Dadan thinks back to the day when Garp handed Ace to her. Her gang is just coming back and tells her that Ace is gone now. Dadan pretends to be glad and can already see Garp blaming her. At this, one of the robbers hands her a note: “Thanks for everything.” Dadan instantly bursts into tears. Luffy, meanwhile, has resolved to become stronger so that he too can sail off in three years. A few months later, Dogra hands Luffy a newspaper that talks about Ace and his pirate gang. Luffy is proud of his big brother, but doesn’t want to fall behind and continues training right away.

Three years later: Luffy says goodbye to Dadan’s band of mountain pirates. While Luffy thinks it’s a shame that they won’t be able to watch him go, as the villagers would surely be afraid of them, he still understands. Luffy thanks them for everything and explains to Dadan that while he hates mountain robbers, he kind of likes them. As with Ace, Dadan bursts into tears after these words and says that Luffy should finally leave. A short time later, Luffy wants to row away from Foosha Village in a fishing boat. But before that, he shouts to the sky for Sabo to watch him, as he is now the last of them to fulfill their dream and sail off to sea. After everyone has seen him off, Luffy sets off, but is attacked by the sea monster that ate Shanks’ arm back then. But Luffy is much stronger now than he was then and defeats the monster with his gum-gum gun. After this is done, Luffy wants to start looking for a crew consisting of ten men to become king of the pirates afterwards.

Present, Amazon Lily: Luffy weeps bitterly for the death of Ace. He realizes that he is too weak for the title of “King of the Pirates”.

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