One Piece Episode 502


About ten years ago in East Blue: In time Dadan was able to interfere and save Ace from his death. Bluejam is forced to retreat briefly as Dadan attacks with her axe. The rest of Dadan’s gang joins in shortly after. Dogra immediately takes care of Luffy, from whom he learns that Sabo is back home. Dadan tells Bluejam that she wouldn’t let anyone hurt the children she’s in charge of. When Bluejam thinks she should try to stop him, Dadan calls for a retreat, at which point almost everyone runs away. Only Ace refuses to run from Bluejam and wants to fight. Luffy would like to help his brother, but he’s too badly hurt, so he’s held down by one of the mountain robbers. Dadan recognizes Ace’s stubbornness and now wants to fight as well. She declares that she is in charge of him, and the rest should take Luffy to safety in their hut. The mountain robbers then set off with Luffy. Bluejam makes fun of the fact that his opponents are a woman and a child. In his opinion, only the strong survive in a battle. Nevertheless, Dadan and Ace attack the pirate captain.

Elsewhere in Gray Terminal: The residents of Gray Terminal have been encircled by flames and see no way out. Most have already finished with their lives, when suddenly a strong wind comes up and opens a way for them. The way leads to the coast, where a ship is already anchored. The inhabitants do not miss this chance. The ship itself belongs to the revolutionaries and on board are Dragon, Bartholomew Kuma and Ivankov, among others. Ivankov asks Dragon what is so special about this land that they sailed here. Dragon explains that this “disgusting” country is a good example for the future of the world if nothing changes. However, one day it would change the entire world. Dragon stands in front of the Gray Terminal residents and shouts for those who are willing to fight for freedom to come to his ship.

Sabo’s House: Sabo’s father tells his wife that he has called in the military again to find Sabo.

The Gray Terminal fire grows stronger and larger. The mountain raiders, who have made their way to safety, are already shedding bitter tears because there is no sign of Ace and Dadan. The next day, Luffy tries to go out of Dadan’s hut to look for Ace and Dadan. Magra has to rush him back to bed because he’s still too weak and keeps falling down. Meanwhile, the military is busy cleaning up the mess of the Gray Terminal and shooting any survivors. In the process, some are surprised that there are fewer corpses than they suspected. Meanwhile, Sabo regains consciousness, lying in an alley in the city. He is about to go into Gray Terminal, however, there are too many soldiers at the main gate. At that moment, a soldier appears behind him and grabs Sabo.

Sabo’s house: Sabo’s father beats his son to the ground and tells him that no matter how many times he would try, he would never escape them. Meanwhile, all the police and soldiers now have a picture of Sabo, making it impossible for him to escape again. The soldiers who brought Sabo are hired by Sabo’s father as new guards. He also tells him once again that he can order them to take care of Sabo’s friends (Ace & Luffy) if he wants, which is why Sabo should finally accept his role as a nobleman. Shortly after, he repeats the same words when Sabo was little. Sabo would be happy as a noble if he brought fame and fortune to his parents. Shortly after, Sabo’s father goes with Sterry to buy some new things for the visit of the World Nobles. Over the next few days, Sabo feels like he is in a birdcage. He wishes for the days with his “brothers” back, but he knows he shouldn’t see them because he’ll only put them in danger. During a conversation among the guards, Sabo overhears that he and a guard will be the only ones in the house tomorrow and that there will be quite a commotion because of the high visit.

The next day, when almost everyone is out and the guard is asleep, Sabo writes a letter and then secretly makes off. In the city, people are only focused on the visit of the World Nobles, which is why it is easy for Sabo to grab a boat in this commotion. Just as some people on the horizon already spot the World Nobles’ ship, Sabo’s boat is also seen leaving the harbor. Sabo’s boat comes dangerously close to the World Nobles’ ship and some guards shout for him to come back. Sabo does not hear this. He has already raised his personal pirate flag and finds this day good for sailing. Sabo never wants to return to this messed up land for fear of turning into something he doesn’t like at all. On the coast, Dogra has spotted him with his binoculars. Meanwhile, Sabo sees the World Aristocrat’s huge ship ahead and wants to sail past it. However, when the World Aristocrat Saint Jalmack sees the ship that has dared to cross his path, he shoots it down with his bazooka.

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