One Piece Episode 501


About ten years ago in East Blue, Goa: Sabo is blackmailed by his father to return home. However, there he finds out that the nobles are planning to burn down Gray Terminal along with its inhabitants. Sabo tries to warn Luffy and Ace, but the police are after him to bring him back home. Unfortunately for Sabo, he is eventually caught after falling down several times and taken home.

Gray Terminal Coast: Ace and Luffy just learned from Bluejam that the boxes they spread on the terminal will be used to light the Gray Terminal fire. However, before the fire is lit, Bluejam wants to question the boys about the location of their treasure. Meanwhile, Sabo has been locked in the basement by his father so he can’t run to the Gray Terminal at night and warn everyone. Sabo is desperate and doesn’t know what to do now. Then in the night, some of Bluejam’s men light the fire, which can be seen even to Dadan’s hideout. Dadan and her band of robbers watch the flames from afar.

Goa, lower class: Residents living near the gate are evacuated to the middle class. The military assures the residents that they would take care of the fire. However, after the residents of the city leave, the residents of Gray Terminal are denied an escape route to the city and the gate is closed.

Gray Terminal: Some residents have only just woken up and are fleeing their huts in panic, but all escape routes are already blocked by the fire. Bluejam and his men laugh at the situation. Bluejam believes he has come a giant step closer to his dream. This is because the latter received a call from the King of Goa a few days earlier, instructing him to set the fire. Bluejam and his men are indifferent to the lives of the people here, but the Gray Terminal has been a good hiding place for them so far. As a reward, the Bluejam gang has been promised to make them nobles, so they no longer have to hide. Bluejam is already filled with joy. Seeing the fire growing stronger, he wants to go to the main gate, as the military is surely already waiting for them. Luffy and Ace just leave them behind as they had a chance to become part of the gang. They were tied to the mast of Bluejam’s ship as the fire gets closer and closer. Ace tries to cut the rope with a small knife.

Gray Terminal: At the main gate, Bluejam tries to get the military’s attention to open the gate, however they do not respond. Bluejam grows impatient and shouts louder and louder. Slowly it dawns on him. He has fallen into a trap set by the king and shall burn in the fire like the rest. Meanwhile, word spreads through the city that Bluejam set the fire. That he was acting on behalf of their king is not mentioned.

Ace was finally able to free himself and Luffy, and the two try to find an escape route.

Sabo’s father notices that his son has escaped again, escaping through a basement window. Sabo has made it to the main gate and tries to open it. The military try to dissuade him and beat the little boy mercilessly until they drag him away, knock him unconscious and throw him into an alley. Sabo slowly comes to as a man approaches him. It is Monkey D. Dragon. Dragon asks Sabo what’s wrong, to which he tearfully explains his suffering. Sabo tells him that the nobles of the town are behind the fire, and that this town stinks worse than Gray Terminal, as the people here are rotten to the core. Sabo is deeply ashamed to be born a noble. Dragon is shocked that the Kingdom of Goa is already pushing its children to say such things. Dragon tells Sabo he understands him because he was also born in this country, however he still lacks the power to change this country. Sabo asks him if he really listened to him. Dragon answers in the affirmative and says he will never forget it, whereupon Sabo collapses from exhaustion.

Goa, upper layer: The king is disturbed by the bright light from the Gray Terminal’s fire, so he has his servants draw the curtains. In another house, the daughter of a nobleman asks why the residents of Gray Terminal are suffering such a fate. Her father replies that it was their own fault. They could have been born nobles. The noble’s daughter believes this and calls the residents idiots for choosing the wrong life.

Gray Terminal: Luffy and Ace encounter Bluejam and his gang again. The latter thinks that since they are in a hopeless situation and have worked together before, they are something like friends and should die together. The two refuse to die together with them. Bluejam proposes to save Luffy and Ace’s lives if they finally tell him where they hid their treasure. Ace can’t believe he’s still thinking about the treasure even in this situation. Reluctantly, Ace has to accept the offer. Their lives are more important than the treasure. After Ace draws Bluejam a map, he wants to take the boys and has them captured – in case they are lying. Ace thinks that there would be no time to escape then, but Bluejam doesn’t care. He wants to use the money to fund a fresh start to get revenge on the nobles of the city, Sabo included. Bluejam keeps talking bad about Sabo, claiming he’s like all the other nobles who look down on other people. Luffy doesn’t put up with this any longer and bites a pirate in the arm. The latter wants to take revenge and kill Luffy with his sword. Ace wants to prevent this and unconsciously manages to activate his Haki, whereupon all pirates, except Bluejam, collapse. Bluejam knocks Ace to the ground, holds him with his foot and wants to shoot him in revenge.

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