One Piece Episode 497


Ten years ago at East Blue, Dadan’s cabin: Dadan is about to go out the door when she suddenly falls into a hole. When asked who dug this hole, Magra explains that it was Ace and the other two boys to catch a boar like that. Dadan is furious as she never gave permission to dig around her house.

City: Sabo, Ace and Luffy are just messing with some thieves again to steal from them. When they have defeated most of them, they are interrupted by the police, so they have to retreat.

Dadan’s house: Dadan doesn’t even want to let the three rascals in, but they come in anyway and throw her a deer to cook. Dinner later is the purest battle. While the boys bathe after dinner, Dadan tries to clean up the mess in her house. No sooner is the job done than the boys mess up the house again. At least at night, Dadan wants to recover from the brats, but no sooner does she fall asleep than she’s woken up by Luffy crashing through the ceiling because he’s squeezed into a late-night workout with his “brothers.”

Outside the House: Dadan has had enough. She decides with Dogra and Magra to throw the Three Boys out of the house, no matter what Garp says about it. Then when she hears an older male voice behind her, she gets a brief shock and immediately apologizes. However, it is only Woop Slapp, who has come accompanied by Makino to check on the boys. When Luffy hears Makino’s voice, he immediately runs to her. Woop Slapp smilingly explains that it’s been six months since they’ve seen each other, which is why they wanted to check on things. Makino doesn’t want Luffy to tell Garp about it, though. Woop Slapp isn’t too keen on Luffy living with bandits, which leads to a bit of an argument with Dadan. Makino, meanwhile, gives Luffy new clothes and also takes measurements from Ace and Sabo.

Dadan’s House: In the evening, Makino makes a wonderful meal for everyone. Sabo immediately considers that the first thing he gets as a pirate is a cook who can cook as well as Makino. Ace corrects him, however, for becoming a pirate before Sabo, to which Luffy proclaims that he ends up being the better pirate. The band of robbers then fall silent as an unexpected guest has joined them, having heard everything. When Ace and Luffy turn around, they find to their horror that it is Garp. The latter gives Ace and Luffy a blow on the head to put these fluffy things out of their minds. Dadan isn’t spared either because, in Garp’s opinion, she’s not raising the kids well. Upon seeing Sabo, Luffy explains that this is their brother, who they toasted their pirate life with. When Garp hears this, he wants to give the whole trio a “real workout”. Garp chases the three of them all night until he finally catches them, beats them up, and promises them not to be so lenient tomorrow. Later, to escape Garp, the three decide to put their plan into action and stand on their own two feet starting tomorrow. The next morning, Dadan finds a note with these very words on the doorstep. Dadan asks Garp what they should do about this, as the boys are sure to get into trouble outside this cabin. After all, they are already quite notorious for their outrages. Garp doesn’t seem to care much about this, though, and just leaves. Once Garp is gone, Magra asks if Dadan is really worried. It couldn’t have come at a better time for Dadan, now that she’s out of trouble.

Forest: The three boys wonder why no one has chased them until now. Ace remembers Dadan drunkenly talking bad about him and thinks that she is certainly happy now. Shortly after, it begins to rain. The boys find shelter in a hollow tree.

Dadan’s hut: Dadan is now plagued by a guilty conscience and the fear of getting into trouble with Garp. She sends her robbers out to find her fosterlings.

Forest: The next morning, Sabo decides that they should build their secret hideout in the crown of the tree. A short time later, the three retrieve scrap metal from Gray Terminal to build their tree house with, with Dogra and Magra watching them. For the next few days, the boys are busy building while Dadan waits for them to return. After two weeks, the boys have finished building it and raised a pirate flag with the first letters of their names crossed in front of two bones. Last but not least, Ace wants to lay some traps. As everything is finished and they enjoy the view, the three can’t help but imagine their lives as pirates.

Dadan’s hut: None of the robbers have been able to find the hiding place of the three so far. Dadan worries that the three may have been eaten by a tiger or something. When Dogra and Magra return to report where they are, Dadan is obviously relieved. In front of her men, of course, she denies this again.

Boys’ Hideout: During the night, Dadan has secretly gone to watch them sleep. However, when she goes to tuck Luffy in properly, she accidentally activates one of the traps and is knocked out of the tree house by a large hammer. Dadan then vows never to worry about the boys again.

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