One Piece Episode 491


Westblue, Las Camp: The island is under attack by pirates. The navy there has their hands tied, as they have hardly any ships or men to spare. The marines wonder what’s going on, thinking that after Whitebeard’s death all the pirates in the world should now be intimidated, but they run amok almost everywhere on their trip to the Grand Line.

Grand Line, Foodvalten: Now that Whitebeard is dead, this island, like many others, is no longer under his protection and is attacked by a band of pirates. The pirates destroy and step on Whitebeard’s flag, thinking that it now means nothing. The leader of the gang is Brownbeard.

Heart Pirates Submarine: The Kuja ship has arrived at the submarine and the Kuja pirates welcome Hancock. Ivankov and the trannies take the naval ship and now want to say goodbye. The transgender king wants to leave the rest to Jinbe, whom he has come to value as a good friend, which Jinbe in turn can confirm. Shortly after, the trannies sail to Ivankov’s home Momoiro. Hancock then also wants to sail home.

Amazon Lily: After the Kuja ship passes through the island’s gate, the pirates are warmly welcomed by the island’s inhabitants. However, when Kikyo sees the Heart pirate gang’s submarine, she immediately wants it to open fire, believing that it has secretly followed the Kuja ship. The members who are on deck are awed by the beauty of the women. Law thinks they’d better get back below deck if they don’t want to die and dodges an arrow. As a whole swarm of arrows fly towards the submarine, it is dodged by arrows from the Kuja pirates. Hancock explains that Luffy is aboard the submarine and in a terrible state. Therefore, he must be taken to the castle, he says. However, Gloriosa forbids this. Luffy alone would go, but a whole crew of men must not break the rules of the island. Hancock insists that in this case at least Law, as a doctor, is still given permission. Gloriosa doesn’t want to make any more exceptions, besides they would have good female doctors themselves. Law is pretty indifferent to this, but mentions that he’s probably the only one with the necessary apparatus and technology to keep Luffy from dying. Hancock becomes worried and perplexed. Gloriosa is then persuaded to compromise, and makes the suggestion that the pirates be allowed to enter the coast outside the village.

Two weeks later: The Heart pirates are bored as they are stuck on a very small piece of the island and can hardly do anything. Aphelandra, Kikyo, Sweet Pea, and Marguerite come by to bring them some food. Aphelandra does try to talk to some of the men, but Kikyo forbids it because they only have permission to talk to Luffy. When some men try to talk to Aphelandra anyway, Kikyo gets mad, so the men quickly leave. Marguerite asks Law about Luffy’s condition, to which he says that it depends on Luffy at the moment whether he still has the will to live.

In the submarine lies Luffy, who dreams of Ace’s death. At that moment, he regains consciousness and begins to run amok. He destroys some parts of the ship until he jumps out of it. Luffy roars and asks where Ace is. Anyone who gets too close to Luffy to calm him down is flung away by him. Jinbe asks what will happen to Luffy if they let him keep doing this. Law explains that Luffy’s wounds would reopen and he would die. Again and again, some of the Heart pirates throw themselves at Luffy to immobilize him, but Luffy just shakes them off. He doesn’t want to believe that Ace has died and runs into the forest. Some Amazons have witnessed the whole thing and want to report to Hancock. This is located in the Kuja castle. After Hancock has received the news, she immediately wants to go to Luffy, but Gloriosa forbids this. Sandersonia and Marigold also think that Hancock should eat something first. She has barely touched anything since her return. Hancock then comes up with the idea of cooking food for Luffy, since he must surely be hungry. Gloriosa can’t believe how lovesick the pirate empress is. She also can’t believe that Luffy actually managed to travel to Impel Down and Marine Ford and return alive.

Repairs to the submarine have already begun. Jinbe, meanwhile, has gone after Luffy. Some crew members would also like to go and catch a glimpse of the island’s women again. Bepo wonders if there are any female bears on the island, to which his crewmates harshly reply that there are only human women here. Meanwhile, in the forest, Luffy slowly regains consciousness and asks where he is. Shortly after, the traumatic memories torment him again, whereupon he smashes everything around him. Jinbe has finally caught up with Luffy and wants him to know that the war is over and Ace is dead. Luffy does not want to hear this. He thinks the whole thing is a nightmare and if he hurt himself badly enough at some point, he would wake up from it. However, after a brief pause, he explains that he knows this is not a dream. When Luffy asks if Ace is really dead, Jinbe can only answer in the affirmative. Luffy bursts into tears again.

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