One Piece Episode 490


On different islands: Due to a poor connection, most things could not be transmitted via Den-den Mushis. However, in the end, the message was announced that the navy had defeated the Whitebeard pirates with their sense of justice and therefore the war was over, therefore it would also be a total victory for the navy headquarters. After this news travels around the world, people everywhere celebrate the navy’s victory.

The ships of the seven supernovae Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, X. Drake, Apoo, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Gang Bege and Urouge are sailing off Marine Ford. The captains have been watching everything and Jewelry Bonney wants revenge, which is why she, like the other captains, sets off for the New World. Apoo wonders what’s going on with Trafalgar Law. The latter is usually known for his brutality and would never help his eventual enemy, the Straw Hat, if there wasn’t a catch. Hawkins has been looking at his cards for Luffy’s life and thinks the chances of him surviving never reach 0. The Kid finds the whole spectacle very interesting, saying that now that one of the Four Emperors is dead, a new era has dawned unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

In the West, South, East, and Northblue, as well as on the Grand Line, the news spreads through the newspaper and many celebrate this result of the war. Some pirates, on the other hand, now want to go to the Grand Line, as Whitebeard has confirmed that the One Piece really exists. However, the news of Whitebeard’s death is said to not really mean peace, as the territories that were under Whitebeard’s protection are now under attack by other pirates.

Marine Ford: Sengoku is in the destroyed Marine headquarters. At that moment, he receives word from Brannew. He reports that they have finally been able to make contact with Impel Down. Magellan was very badly injured and seems to have barely survived. He blames himself for what happened and, if he could move, would end his life. Sengoku immediately gives orders to be careful that Magellan does not succeed in this. Further, he asks what else happened in Impel Down.

Flashback, Impel Down: Level 6: Blackbeard makes a proposal to the inmates of Level 6. The prisoners should fight each other, the survivors he would free and take into his crew.

Present: Sengoku is shocked. Brannew goes on to explain that Blackbeard did show up in Marine Ford with four former Level 6 inmates, but there are more prisoners missing. Sengoku can’t believe it, since just one Level 6 inmate can put an entire country’s life in danger. He immediately wants to get a list out with the names of the fugitives, as well as a wanted list. Brannew has to tell Sengoku that the World Government has already decided to keep the Level 6 incidents secret. The fleet admiral cannot believe this and curses. Meanwhile, on the other side of the destroyed headquarters, Gecko Moria is attacked by the Pacifista. These are commanded by Donquixote Doflamingo, who thinks that Moria has become too weak for the title of samurai. He explains that they will say that Moria “died in the war” because that would sound better than “done in by the government”. When Moria asks if this was Sengoku’s order, Doflamingo says that it was someone even higher.

Heart Pirates Submarine: Bepo is way too warm because they have been submerged for too long. As he begins to smear his sweat on others, the gang decides they’d better resurface. Bepo runs right out and feels refreshed again, but gets a fright when he sees first Salome, and then a navy ship – with Boa Hancock on the deck – ahead of him. The pirate empress is not hostile to the pirates, however. She explains that she has petrified the marines and wants to inquire about Luffy’s condition. When Bepo asks how she was able to follow them, Hancock explains that Salome had followed them underwater. Shortly after, Law emerges from inside the ship, who was able to stabilize Luffy. However, he admits that Luffy would have taken more damage than it seemed at first glance, so he couldn’t guarantee his survival. Suddenly, the voice of Ivankov is heard, saying that Luffy will surely survive. Ivankov and the trannies from Impel Down are also on the naval ship. The trannies explain that they are grateful to Luffy that he allowed them to escape from Impel Down and now they can go to the Kingdom of Kamabakka. Ivankov, on the other hand, jumps on the submarine. He finds it a tragedy that Ace died in his arms, despite the intense strain. Shortly after, he asks Law if he was a friend of Luffy, to which he denies. He wouldn’t normally have saved him, but if asked to explain his motivation, he would. Ivankov declines, the main thing is that Luffy was saved. Jinbe comes on deck, at the Heart pirates’ advice, to thank Law. The pirate doctor advises Jinbe he’d better get some more rest. The fish-man, however, is much more concerned about the moment Luffy regains consciousness and realizes what has happened. Hancock wants to use a Den-den Mushi to call the Kuja ship so they can take Luffy to Amazon Lily and hide him. Since Hancock is still one of the Seven Samurai, this island is safe from the Navy.

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