One Piece Episode 489


Marine Ford: Shanks has shown up in Marine Ford with his band of pirates to end the war. Both the Navy and the pirates are shocked to find another of the Four Emperors. Garp is not at all pleased to see the man who motivated Luffy to become a pirate. This one is currently in Law’s submarine, being prepped with Jinbe for their operation. Law himself looks towards the shore for a while to see how the situation is developing.

Coast: Most of the marines are surprised at how quickly Shanks made it to Marine Ford, since he was supposed to have fought a battle with Kaidou just yesterday in the New World. Buggy is also shocked to see his former comrade again. When Shanks notices Buggy, he tosses him the straw hat and tells him to bring it to Luffy. Buggy, however, refuses to continue drawing attention to himself. Shanks then baits him with a treasure map to give him afterwards. After hearing this, Buggy changes his mind. Lucky Roux asks Shanks if he wouldn’t like to see Luffy again himself. After all, the last time they saw each other was ten years ago. Shanks would like to see Luffy, but they had made a promise to each other.

Heart Pirate Submarine: Law stands by the door for some time as Bepo asks him to finally close it. Law is about to agree when Buggy throws him the straw hat. After Law catches it, he goes into the sub and Bepo closes the door. A short time later, Law puts on sterile gloves and is about to start the operations.

Coast: Aokiji can’t let the pirates escape so easily and wants to freeze the sea around Marine Ford to catch them. Jean Bart, piloting the submarine, tries to escape the ice. In fact, the pirates narrowly manage to escape the ice. Unfortunately, Kizaru also intervenes and aims at the submarine in a continuous fire. To avoid being hit by the lasers, the pirates try to reach the bottom of the sea as quickly as possible. After his attack, Kizaru thinks that if the pirates survived this, there is nothing they can do. Shortly after, a naval ship from Marine Ford departs. Hancock is aboard the ship, pretending to be one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, pursuing and killing Luffy himself. Meanwhile, Buggy is arguing with Shanks for lying about the treasure map. Buggy is also still angry at Shanks for being the reason Buggy became a Devil Fruit user, which Shanks in turn completely forgot about. The ex-prisoners of the Impel Down can’t believe how Buggy talks to Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, and worship their great Captain Buggy again. Buggy has since calmed down, believing that if he stays with Shanks for a while, he will get off the island safely. Shanks now goes to Marco and tells him they should stop fighting back and rather retreat peacefully. Hawkeye also now wants to leave the island. He agreed to fight Whitebeard and his gang, but not Shanks.

Battlefield: Shanks calls out to anyone on the battlefield who still wishes to fight, thus increasing the damage on both sides, that he and his gang are willing to fight anyone who wishes to continue. Shanks and his gang walk up to the Blackbeard pirates and say that this applies to them as well. Blackbeard can only laugh, but then agrees. He got what he came for. Besides, he and his gang aren’t ready to mess with Shanks yet, whereupon he leaves with his gang. After Sengoku transforms back, Shanks makes his demands. Whitebeard and Ace’s bodies are to be handed over to them. Since their deaths have already been broadcast, Shanks cannot allow their bodies to be put on public display, he says. On the part of the Navy, there are objections from Vice Admiral Doberman, but Sengoku gives in to the demands. Shanks thanks him and Sengoku officially ends the war. Shortly after, medics race onto the battlefield to tend to the wounded, while Shanks and his gang take the bodies of Ace and Whitebeard. This was the greatest war since the dawn of the great pirate age, involving the best of their time, and so it would later go down in the history books.

In the sea: Meanwhile, the Heart pirate gang’s submarine is on the run.

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