One Piece Episode 487


Marine Ford: Jinbe tries to get Luffy, who has mentally collapsed, away from Marine Ford. Blackbeard, meanwhile, has managed to drain Whitebeard’s corpse of its devil powers, which means he now has the powers of the Darkness Fruit and the Earthquake Fruit. As a demonstration, Blackbeard destroys the Marine headquarters with his new powers.

The marines are devastated. Some have begun to cry after seeing the symbol that they have always protected and which stood for their justice collapse. Blackbeard, on the other hand, is in a euphoric mood after his attack because he sees the power he now has. He asks Marine what is going on and calls for a small fight, but no one wants to contest it. Blackbeard then decides to sink Marine Ford into the sea. But at that moment, Grand Admiral Sengoku, in his golden Buddha form, leaps down from above onto the Blackbeard pirates and sweeps them away with a shockwave. Sengoku explains that a building can simply be rebuilt, however the island Marine Ford is the center of them, which watches over the world and protects it from fiends. Justice that comes from humans can never perish, he says. Therefore, Blackbeard should not lightly claim that the island could be sunk so easily. The soldiers regain their courage after Sengoku’s speech and line up behind their superior. Blackbeard can only laugh at this and thinks that Sengoku should protect this place if he cares so much about it.

Coast: Some pirates are trying to reach the coast or the sea as quickly as possible so they can get on the ships. Vice Admiral Onigumo gives a speech to give the marines new courage. When a few pirates make it to the coast, Admiral Kizaru appears in front of them and attacks them.

Meanwhile, Ivankov and Inazuma have bought Jinbe and Luffy some time with a stone wall. No sooner does Jinbe run on than Akainu has melted the stone wall and knocks Inazuma out with one punch. Ivankov also takes a beating, using his Newkama Kenpou. Meanwhile, Koby and Helmeppo watch as more and more pirates who have stopped fighting and are simply fleeing get shot in the back. The two wonder if this is even necessary, since the victor of the battle has already been determined. Koby keeps hearing the roar of his comrades talking about justice and snuffing out one life after another.

Coast: Jinbe has finally made it to the coast and jumps from the fortress to escape Akainu in the sea. However, this has already been frozen by Admiral Aokiji. Akainu has already caught up to Jinbe and attacks him with another Magma Fist, finally ending Luffy’s life. Jinbe is able to spin away and block most of the attack. The magma fist thus passes through Jinbe’s body and barely reaches Luffy’s body. Luffy’s straw hat sails down to the frozen sea in the process. Badly wounded, Jinbe falls down, still with Luffy in his arms. Jinbe apologizes to Luffy for not being able to protect him better. Akainu, meanwhile, slowly walks up to the two of them and tells Jinbe to worry about himself instead. The fish-man tries to get up, but his wound is too big and he collapses. Jinbe remembers again his promise to Ace to protect Luffy, even if it means his death. Jinbe tries with all his might to get up again. Just before the Admiral can give them the coup de grace, Crocodile interferes.

Crocodile cuts Akainu’s body with his sand and sweeps Jinbe and Luffy into the air with sables. The ex-samurai then shouts for someone to take Jinbe to a ship. The latter can’t believe Crocodile’s intervention, to which Crocodile just declares that he won’t let the Navy do as they please. Coincidentally, Buggy is in the air trying to escape the island when Jinbe and Luffy fly towards him. The clown catches them both and wonders what happened to them when he is fired upon by Akainu moments later. Buggy narrowly escapes. Jinbe thanks Buggy for his help and passes out. Before Akainu can launch another attack, all the commanders of the Whitebeard pirate gang get in the admiral’s way. Vista explains that they have seen with their own eyes the limitless endurance and strength Luffy possesses. Fossa continues that he was the one Ace protected and their “father” acknowledged. Izou continues that this is why he needs to get to the New World. After Marco also makes his point, the battle between the two parties begins. The remaining pirates feel like they’re in a death trap, with large caliber battles raging in front and behind them. Buggy also doesn’t know where to go with Luffy and Jinbe. Suddenly, a submarine emerges from an unfrozen part of the sea. It is the ship of the Heart pirate gang. Trafalgar Law comes on deck and calls to Buggy to bring “Mr. Straw Hat” to him, as he is a doctor.

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