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Marine Ford: After the dastardly attack by the Blackbeard pirate gang, Edward Newgate died at the proud age of 72 from injuries sustained during the war. But in his last words, Whitebeard confirmed the existence of the One Piece and that it will one day be found. Meanwhile, news of Whitebeard’s death spreads like wildfire throughout the world. Many civilians are delighted by this and expect the war to end soon. The spectators on the Sabaody Archipelago, who are watching the battle via Buggy’s Den-den Mushi, are still staring in shock. Rayleigh, too, has been watching the events from a distance. With tears in his eyes, he mourns his former enemy and takes a sip from his flask.

Marine Ford: Donquixote Doflamingo must laugh, as this was truly a glorious ending for him that will change the world. Nevertheless, he doubts that the battle is already over and is interested to know how Blackbeard and his gang are getting on. Some people on the archipelago have also regained their composure in the meantime and wonder how the other pirates in the world will react when they hear about Whitebeard’s last words. The question of Blackbeard’s destination also occupies the viewers.

Marine Ford: Most of the pirates of the Whitebeard gang retreat, due to the last order of their captain. Marco still harbors great anger towards Blackbeard, but Vista feels that he should not give in to it at the moment and also return to the ship for the time being. Jinbe blames himself for not being able to help either Ace or Whitebeard, so he at least wants to get Luffy to safety. Shortly after, the navy starts firing on the pirates again. Meanwhile, after falling into the crevasse, Akainu was able to save himself from falling into the sea by clinging to a ledge. Using his devil powers, he melts the wall in front of him, creating a tunnel through which he makes his way back to the battlefield.

With Buggy and the ex-prisoners: The ex-prisoners wonder where their leader Buggy is. When they see that he is on the run, he explains that nothing would keep them here after Whitebeard’s death. In fact, though, Buggy is just too scared of Blackbeard and Whitebeard. The ex-prisoners once again misinterpret everything and believe that Buggy feels a close bond, if not friendship, with his rival Whitebeard, which is why he couldn’t kill him. Buggy has once again become the role model of the ex-prisoners. Therefore, they immediately follow him, leaving behind the Den-den Mushi, which continues to broadcast the battle.

Blackbeard is happy about Whitebeard’s demise and wants to finally get to the final part of his plan. The Blackbeard gang then throws a large black cloth over his corpse. Blackbeard promises everyone involved a great show that will shake the entire world, and disappears under it as well. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang gathers around the cloth so that no one disturbs Blackbeard.

While trying to reach the Whitebeard Gang ship, Jinbe talks to the collapsed Luffy, which he holds in his hands. While doing so, he recalls how Ace asked him to take care of Luffy in Impel Down if he didn’t survive the execution. Jinbe refused at the time, for the reason that he only helps those he has a high regard for. Since then, Jinbe’s attitude hasn’t changed, however, he doesn’t help Luffy because of Ace’s request, but because he gained respect for Luffy during that battle. Though some Pacifista take aim at Jinbe and Luffy, but Boa Hancock instantly takes care of them. Meanwhile, Jinbe has reached the coast, but it is frozen by Admiral Aokiji, so Jinbe has to find another way. At that moment, Admiral Akainu emerges from the ground. He thinks he has already declared that he would not let her leave here alive. Akainu demands the straw hat, but Jinbe refuses to hand it over. A few more pirates stand protectively in front of Jinbe, wanting to protect Ace’s brother as well, since his family is their family too. The admiral finds this ridiculous. With a Magma Attack, he goes for the pirates, but before it reaches its target, it is blocked by Inazuma and Ivankov. With a Hell Wink, Ivankov manages to stop the Admiral from his plan, at least momentarily. The King of the Okama can’t let anything happen to his leader’s son, Dragon.

Laffitte remarks that Blackbeard must be done and announces to the navy the show he had already promised, whereupon the gang rips the cloth into the air. The marines wonder what happened, since neither Whitebeard nor Blackbeard have changed externally. Blackbeard wants to present to the navy once again what he is capable of. He uses his darkness powers, which sucks in some of the marines. He then gives a taste of his new powers. With a punch in the air, he causes an earthquake that finally brings down the naval headquarters. Blackbeard, to everyone’s horror, now additionally masters the power of the earthquake fruit. He is the only person ever to possess two devil fruits. After this demonstration of strength, Blackbeard declares himself the strongest man in the world.

No one understands how Blackbeard got her father’s devil power. Karma notes that it is normally impossible for a human to contain the power of two devil fruits. Marco confirms this, but in the same move calls Blackbeard no ordinary human because his particular body functions differently. The people on the Sabaody Archipelago who have seen Blackbeard’s “performance” are deeply shocked and think the events are a nightmare. In Marine Ford, Blackbeard announces to all peace-loving people, navy and pirates, that a new era has dawned: Blackbeard’s era. Koby, meanwhile, is in despair, for despite the deaths of Whitebeard and Ace, there seems to be no end to the war.

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