One Piece Episode 485


Marine Ford: Blackbeard has now shown up with his spiked band of pirates. Sengoku asks Shiryu what happened to Magellan, and to Impel Down in general. Shiryu says that just their appearance in Marine Ford should give Sengoku the answer. Shiryu then officially announces that he is now one of Blackbeard’s people. Sengoku hears from a soldier shortly after that the Gate of Justice opened again and allowed a ship to pass, which must have been Blackbeard’s. Still, Sengoku doesn’t understand how the gate could open, since it can only do so from Marine Ford. Laffitte clarifies that before they left for Impel Down, he had hypnotized the marines to let any marine ship through, but by doing so they had unknowingly helped Luffy and the others. Blackbeard explains that he only wanted the title as one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas so that he could get to Impel Down safely, but now that he has achieved his goal, he no longer needs the title. As Sengoku correctly concludes, Blackbeard had only staged the whole thing to win over his new crew members.

Whitebeard doesn’t care about all the talk. With one blow, he creates a powerful blast wave that reaches all the way to the scaffold and destroys it for good. Still, Blackbeard’s band of pirates survived this. Blackbeard realizes that Whitebeard will probably show him no mercy. Whitebeard explains Blackbeard is the only one he refuses to call his son because he broke an ironclad rule on the ship. Today, Whitebeard wants to avenge Thatch by taking Blackbeard’s life. Marco wants to rush to the aid of the badly stricken Whitebeard, but his captain orders him to stay where he is. A fight ensues between Whitebeard and Blackbeard, during which Blackbeard activates his Black Hole. Whitebeard slowly sinks into darkness. Blackbeard taunts this and holds him down with his black vortex, suppressing his devilish powers. He then beats on him mercilessly. Whitebeard seems outmatched, his counterattacks of no avail. But in a moment of carelessness, Whitebeard manages to give Blackbeard a heavy hit with his naginata. Blackbeard goes down and Whitebeard pinned the latter to the ground. He explains that arrogance and carelessness have always been among his weaknesses. Blackbeard begs his former father for mercy, but he unleashes another earthquake moments later. The Whitebeard pirates are already confident of victory, but when the dust clears, they realize that Blackbeard is still alive. They all call out to Whitebeard to give the traitor the coup de grace, but Whitebeard does not move. Now what Marco was afraid of at the beginning of the battle has happened. Whitebeard’s body was in too bad a shape and had to take more during the war, which is why he had reached his limits. Nevertheless, Whitebeard mobilizes his remaining strength to finish Blackbeard off. The latter, in fear, calls Whitebeard a monster, grabs a pistol and fires just before the blow reaches him. Blackbeard calls out to his men that they should finish him off now. With every weapon at their disposal, they attack Whitebeard. In his final moments, Whitebeard recalls a conversation with Roger.

Flashback: Roger and Whitebeard are drinking a bowl of sake together, at which point Roger tells him of his coming death. He then mentions that the navy gave him the name “Gold Roger”, although his real name is Gol D. Roger. Whitebeard then notices that he has often met people with that D. in their name, and even has one in his crew. Whitebeard would like to know what this is all about. Roger then agrees to tell him the story.

Present: Blackbeard has shot all his magazine and asks for a new gun, but Shiryu realizes that Whitebeard is already finished. Suddenly, Whitebeard is talking again, saying that Teach isn’t the one Roger was waiting for back then. Whitebeard feels that just as some inherited Roger’s will, perhaps in the future some would inherit Ace’s will. For even if one were to destroy their bloodline, their fire could not be put out. Thus, “it” would also have survived for a few decades, waiting for the one who would show it to the world. Sengoku and the world government fear most that “it” will be found. Whitebeard explains that he never had any interest in it. However, should someone find this treasure, the world would change. Sengoku, meanwhile, has long since realized what Whitebeard is talking about and cringes at the thought. Whitebeard smiles and says that the day will come. With the last of his strength, Whitebeard roars out to the world: One Piece exists!

Sabaody Archipelago: Everyone at the screens has heard Whitebeard’s words and is speechless.

Oris Square: Blackbeard laughs that these were truly great last words. The Whitebeard gang, in turn, bursts into tears. In his final thoughts, Whitebeard is with his “sons” and apologizes to them. However, he also thanks them for giving him everything he ever wanted. Whitebeard reminisces about his life and explains that it had truly been a great voyage.

Flashback from Whitebeard’s early days as a pirate: Just as Whitebeard is getting treasure in his pirate gang, but doesn’t want any of it, he is asked by his comrades what kind of pirate he is that doesn’t want treasure and what he is looking for. He replies that there is only one thing he has wanted since he was a child: a family.

Present: In his thoughts, Whitebeard bids a final farewell to his “sons”. Edward Newgate, known as Whitebeard, then passes away, still standing firmly with both feet on the ground. Although he passed away, his body refuses to fall. His body is covered in injuries and scars. In this war alone, he suffered 267 cuts, 152 bullet wounds, and withstood 46 cannonballs. Yet on his proud back, where the mark of his gang is displayed, he bears not a single scar of cowardice, for he never ran from a fight.


  • There was no intro in this episode.
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