One Piece Episode 483


Marine Ford: Ace was freed by Luffy. Whitebeard wanted to stay behind in Marine Ford and keep the Marine busy so everyone else could escape. However, Admiral Akainu kept insulting Whitebeard, so Ace stopped and wanted to take care of Akainu. However, this was his plan. He planned to kill Ace and Luffy, the sons of the greatest criminals in the world. When he attacked Luffy by surprise, Ace intervened and was pierced by Akainu’s Magma Fist.

Oris Square: Luffy is shocked and speechless at the sight before him and does not move. After some time, Akainu finally pulls his arm out of Ace’s body, whereupon Luffy runs to his brother. All the members of the Whitebeard pirates and Jinbe are shocked. Whitebeard himself realizes too late what has happened behind him. The pirates all immediately rush towards the admiral to make him pay. Marco finally wants to get rid of his handcuffs, but no one can get them off. One pirate remembers Mr. 3, who has already freed Ace, whereupon they go looking for him. Curiel and many others shoot at Akainu with almost everything they have. However, since the latter is a Logia user, it hardly bothers him. The Admiral slowly approaches Luffy and Ace and sees that the latter still has a bit of life left in him. He quickly wants to clean up this mistake and pierce Ace with another magma fist. Whitebeard wants to prevent this, however he is attacked by Kizaru, who shoots a laser beam through his forearm. Jinbe manages to protect the brothers instead and blocks the attack. Jinbe declares that he is ready to end his life here. Meanwhile, the pirates have finally found Mr. 3 so he can free Marco from the sea handcuffs.

At the ruined scaffold: Garp, with an overly scowling expression on his face, slowly walks up to Akainu, but Sengoku, sensing what he’s up to, throws him to the ground and holds him down with all his might. Garp tells Sengoku that he better keep holding him like that or he will kill Akainu.

Oris Square: Now things look bad for Jinbe as well, whereupon Marco and Vista attack the Admiral with their Haki and push him back. However, the Admiral remains calm, saying that it’s already too late to save Firefist Ace. Ace is propped up by Luffy and lies dying. Luffy still can’t believe it. Ace, in turn, apologizes to Luffy for taking on so much and coming so far, but in the end it came to nothing. Luffy doesn’t want to hear this and frantically calls out to the other pirates for someone to help Ace. Finally the ship’s doctor from the Whitebeard gang arrives, but he sees how serious the wound is and has to apologize to Luffy since there’s nothing he can do. Luffy yells at the doctor, but Ace explains that it’s no use since his organs have been burned. He feels he won’t be able to do it much longer. Luffy next pleads with Ivankov to do something, but he too is powerless. Luffy asks Ace how he could possibly break his promise not to die. Ace wonders again if he even deserved to live.

Flashback: In his childhood, Ace overhears many people talking about how if Gold Roger had had a child, it would have been best to kill it immediately. He remembers them listing how it should die and how they would have laughed about it in the end. Ace believes that no one ever wanted him to be born. Ace beats up everyone who had said such things afterwards, after which he gets a telling off from Dadan, but Ace continues to wonder if he really deserved to live.

Present, Oris Square: Ace thinks that if it hadn’t been for the Sabo thing, or if he hadn’t had to take care of his little brother, he wouldn’t have seen any reason to go on living. At this, he remembers to tell Luffy to say hi to Dadan if he ever sees her again. In the face of death, he himself would miss someone like her. Luffy wants Ace to stop talking like that, but he won’t stop his last words. Ace says there’s only one thing he regrets not being able to see again – how Luffy’s dream is coming true. But Ace is sure that Luffy can do it, after all he is his little brother.

Flashback from Luffy and Ace’s childhood: Ace and Luffy are on a hill on the coast looking out to sea. Ace thinks that they should live their lives with no regrets. One day they would go out to sea and live their lives the way they want and be free like no other.

Present, Oris Square: Ace explains that he has no regrets in his life so far, as promised. He tells how what he wanted was not fame, but the answer to the question of whether he was worthy of being born. At this, Ace recalls the course of the battle and how hard Whitebeard, Luffy, and the others tried to save him in the process. Ace has become too weak to speak aloud by now. So he asks Luffy if he could relay the following to the others. These words are directed to Whitebeard, the other pirates, and of course Luffy himself. Ace thanks them all for being able to love such a good-for-nothing, with the blood of a criminal in his veins, to this day. With tears streaming down his face, Ace thanks everyone. He then slips out of Luffy’s arms. The great Whitebeard, who has been following everything, now has tears coming too. Ace remembers asking Garp if he was worthy of being born. Garp replies that he will only find that answer if he stays alive. Portgas D. Ace then passes away with a smile on his face. Luffy cries to the heavens.


  • There was no intro in this episode.
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