One Piece Episode 481


Marine Ford: At the very last second, Luffy, with the help of Mr. 3, has finally managed to free his brother Ace. Now that Ace has his devil powers back, cannonballs and bullets can no longer harm him.

Oris Square: On both sides, no one can really believe that Luffy made it in the end. When Ace and Luffy land in the square, Ace’s fire puts distance between them and the marines. He never dreamed Luffy would save him one day, but he still thanks his little brother. A few more soldiers attack them, but the brothers are a perfect team and defeat anyone in their way. Together, they both fight their way out of Oris Square. They both reminisce about their childhood, to which Ace comments that Luffy has gotten a lot stronger. Luffy, in turn, promises that one day he will be stronger than Ace. However, Aokiji stands in their way, prompting Ace to protect Luffy for now. Aokiji creates a large kingfisher, which Ace fends off with his fire fist.

Siege Wall: The ex-prisoners are heavily impressed by Luffy and Ace. Buggy thinks they’d better concentrate and get the Den-den Mushi working. In an internal monologue, Buggy doesn’t care about the whole story. He remains interested in Whitebeard’s head, and since the Emperor is in bad shape himself at the moment, Buggy thinks he can all but defeat him, which would make him the next Emperor.

Destroyed Scaffold: Mr. 3 is just coming to and sees Luffy and Ace escaping. He’s glad he managed to fulfill Bentham’s last wish in the end, and now wants to escape himself. Unfortunately for him, however, he is surrounded by marines. Meanwhile, Sengoku is annoyed that he couldn’t stop the whole thing. Doflamingo, on the other hand, is having a blast and thinks that the two should keep running because the story would get more interesting.

Oris Square: Some soldiers get scared because even an admiral’s strength wasn’t enough to stop Luffy and Ace. They are admonished by Admiral Akainu to get a grip because he will not let them get off this island. Suddenly, the earth shakes as a large paddle ship cruises around the place. Squard and his band of pirates are on board and they want the Whitebeard gang, as well as the allied pirate gangs, gone. They would keep the navy at bay for so long. The other pirate captains explain that this would be suicide, which is why he should not be a fool. Squard is aware of this, but wants to repent for his betrayal of Whitebeard. The whirlpool spider apologizes to his gang for this decision, but they want to support him. Marco criticizes that this is not the smartest idea and demands that someone finally take off his sea stone handcuffs. Just as Squard is about to properly storm the place with the ship, the ship is stopped by Whitebeard. He asks Squard if he doesn’t know how ungrateful it seems when a child decides to die in front of his parents. Whitebeard thinks that Squard should not think so much of this wound, as it would hardly have endangered his life. Whitebeard calls out to his crew that they have reached their destination, so there would be no reason to continue to stay here. Therefore, he would now give his last order as captain of Whitebeard’s band of pirates. The pirates do not want to hear this and want to return to the New World with Whitebeard. However, Whitebeard tells his crew that everyone here will go their own way, but they should try at all costs to stay alive and sail back to the New World. Kingdew asks if Whitebeard would plan to die here. Whitebeard replies that he is just a relic from the old generation and there is no ship in the world that can take him to the new era. With a mighty blow of his devilish powers, Whitebeard sweeps the navy away. He looks at his crew with a smile and tells them not to look back as the era is about to change.

Review: The crew that Whitebeard is in has just managed to capture a great treasure. A pirate wants to share with Whitebeard, then known only as Edward Newgate, but he has no interest in such treasure.

Present: Whitebeard has been traveling for a very long time. Therefore, it would be time to finish it now.

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