One Piece Episode 479


Marine Ford: Just before Ace’s execution, Luffy activated his King Shaki, causing most of the marines and pirates in Oris Square to collapse. The executioners were also incapacitated, averting another attempt to execute Ace. Those still able to stand are more than surprised that Luffy is able to use the King’s Shaki. Garp has long thought that Luffy was born with it, while Ace is surprised that his little brother has mastered it as well.

Oris Square: Vice Admiral Doberman tells his men that those with weak wills should stay away from Luffy, as he is no ordinary rookie. Ivankov, meanwhile, asks Luffy where he got this power. Luffy doesn’t know what Ivankov is talking about, making it clear to the transgender King: Luffy can’t control his haki yet. Just as a dozen marines are about to attack Luffy again, Whitebeard attacks them with a shockwave, drawing most of the attention back to himself. While Whitebeard and his commanders thus fight dozens of marines again, Luffy and Ivankov are able to continue charging forward and only have to deal with a few marines. Whitebeard calls out to his men to back up the Straw Hat. Just as Vice Admiral Momonga is about to attack Luffy, Doma gets in his way. Dalmatian, on the other hand, is stopped by the Decalvan brothers. Vice Admiral Doberman is stopped by McGuy. Luffy doesn’t know what’s going on, whereupon Ivankov tells him that some of the world’s best pirates are protecting him so he can get to Ace. The Navy uses this against Whitebeard, as he has little protection himself now, so a Vice Admiral gives the order to attack him now. However, Whitebeard knows how to protect himself and is able to beat everyone back. In his mind, Whitebeard asks Luffy to do what he can’t right now – save Ace. Luffy is one who has the “D” in his name, which is why he should show him the future. Meanwhile, Luffy is attacked again by Hawkeye, but the attack is stopped by Daz Bonez. The latter tries to engage the samurai, but is no match for him and is quickly defeated. Another attack by Hawkeye on Luffy is stopped by Crocodile, who tells the Straw Hat to move on as he is not needed here. Meanwhile, Hancock is still trying to stop the Pacifista from firing at Luffy until she is attacked by Sentomaru. The latter doesn’t understand why she’s protecting Luffy. Hancock then only replies that he really doesn’t understand anything, after all, love is a hurricane.

Siege Wall: Buggy has been watching Luffy for a while, and is jealous because he’s enjoying all the attention right now. He wants the world – as the big star of the battle – to pay more attention to him. However, the Den-den Mushi is still frozen, so he thaws it out in boiling seawater. Unfortunately, the salty seawater was not very conducive for the Den-den Mushi. When it then also sees the unfriendly faces of Buggy & Co., it retreats into its snail shell.

Oris Square: The pirate captains continue to fight the vice admirals. Whitebeard meanwhile is being attacked by more and more marines, however Jinbe continues to protect him from ambushes. When Whitebeard asks why he doesn’t follow his orders, Jinbe replies that he doesn’t need to, after all, he’s not part of the Whitebeard gang. Meanwhile, a clear path has opened up for Luffy. Ivankov sees this as an opportunity and asks Inazuma, who was hiding in Ivankov’s hair, to help them with this now. Inazuma cuts the ground with his devil powers and changes it so that it forms a direct path to the scaffold. Luffy just has to keep running straight to get to his brother. The cannonballs fired at him are deflected by the Whitebeard pirate commanders. Kizaru wants to get involved again, but Whitebeard stops him. As far as Ace is concerned, Luffy isn’t missing much, but at that moment his own grandfather Monkey D. Garp stands in his way. Garp tells his grandson that he won’t move away and he’ll have to kill him for it already, because that’s the path he and Ace have chosen.


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