One Piece Episode 478


Marine Ford: Just when it looks like all hope is lost, Ivankov, after repeated pleas from Luffy, re-equips him with Tension Hormones so he can get back up and keep fighting.

Scaffold: The new soldiers for the executions have finally arrived and are taking their places.

Oris Square: Ivankov warns Luffy again that he is not really cured. The Tension Hormones merely talked his body into this, which is why he should be careful. Luffy vows not to fall again. When he sees the new executioners for the execution, he immediately runs to prevent another attempt to execute Ace. Since Ivankov can’t convince Luffy of anything else, he at least wants to watch his back and runs after him. One armed Marine captain after another tries to stop Luffy, but no one can stand up to the Straw Hat. However, as more and more get in his way, Ivankov intervenes and throws all the opponents away with a Death Wink. Only one marine emerges from the smoke to stand in Luffy’s way, Koby. Koby remembers the first time he met Luffy and how he told him then about his dream of joining the Navy. If it wasn’t for Luffy, he never would have made it, however, ironically, he now has to fight the man who helped him join the Navy so he can still consider himself a Marine. With Soru, Koby charges at Luffy, who in turn counters with his Gomu Gomu no Bullet. Luffy catches Koby right in the face. The latter thinks back to the meeting in Water 7, where he told Luffy about his new dream of becoming a Marine Admiral. In the present, Koby is already defeated after Luffy’s first punch. He takes it upon himself to become many times stronger. Meanwhile, across Ace’s neck, the blades are crossed again.

Oris Square: Luffy and Ivankov are repelled by the Pacifista. Just as they charge their lasers for a second attack, Hancock stands in front of Luffy and Ivankov to protect them. The Pacifista recognize Hancock as an ally and break off the attacks. Luffy thanks Hancock, whereupon she briefly sinks back into her dream world. However, when one of the Pacifista speaks her name, she becomes enraged, turning her to stone and destroying her. Elsewhere, Marco is still trying to reach Whitebeard, but is still being fired upon by Kizaru’s lasers. Marco changes to his Phoenix Man form so that the Phoenix’s powers can heal him again and he won’t take any more damage. However, Vice Admiral Onigumo stands in his way. The latter briefly restrains him with his arms and puts some sea stone handcuffs on him. Marco loses his devil power, gets hit by Kizaru’s laser again, and collapses. Jozu, meanwhile, has been completely frozen by Aokiji. To top it off, Jinbe is also put in chains by several navy captains. From the scaffold, Sengoku orders all the other soldiers to only attack Whitebeard, since his strongest protectors are out of the way.

Oris Square: All the marines then go after Whitebeard, attacking him with everything they have. Several swords are rammed into him and a cannonball is also fired at him, whereupon all the pirates try to rush to their captain’s aid. But Whitebeard refuses to fall, stopping and forbidding the rest of the pirates to come closer. Whitebeard can’t believe the navy thinks they can defeat him so easily. He doesn’t think he needs any help either, because after all, he is Whitebeard. He lashes out and throws all the marines in a massive radius into the air. It literally rains marines from the sky. Some soldiers call Whitebeard a true monster. Sengoku shouts to the soldiers not to panic now, after all Whitebeard is now injured. Whitebeard says he wouldn’t die right away from such an injury, otherwise his “sons” wouldn’t survive this day either. Therefore, he could not die until he sees a bright future for his sons. Meanwhile, Whitebeard was once again surrounded by dozens of soldiers. Meanwhile, Jinbe frees himself from the soldiers’ clutches and rushes to their captain with the rest of the Whitebeard gang commanders, covering his back. The marines do not understand this formation and believe that the commanders want to die with their captain. Vista, however, explains that they would be protecting their father’s honor.

Outside the battlefield, Squard looks at the whole thing from a distance and remembers his mistake again. He then goes and tells his crew not to follow him. He would now pay the price for his actions. Sengoku, meanwhile, tells Whitebeard that he will gladly show him the future, whereupon he signals for Ace to be executed immediately. The soldiers then raise their swords.

No one is close enough to reach Ace. Luffy continues to try to run to his brother as fast as he can. Whitebeard, on the other hand, is now also trying to get to the scaffold as fast as possible, but he collapses due to his injuries. Just before the blades touch Ace’s neck, Luffy yells for them to stop, thus unknowingly using his king shaki. A large crowd of soldiers – and pirates – in Oris Square collapse. The effect also hits the executioners, who lose consciousness. Luffy just keeps running like nothing happened. Meanwhile, hardly anyone, marine or pirate, can believe that this power should have come from Luffy.

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