One Piece Episode 475


Marine Ford: With the help of Jinbe, Luffy makes it over the siege wall and now faces the three admirals. However, Luffy’s attacks fall flat in the face of his opponents’ Logia powers. After shooting a lot of ice chunks at the admirals, Luffy switches to Gear 2 to run past them so he can reach Ace. However, Kizaru is faster, overtakes Luffy and kicks him away again.

Scaffold: Sengoku has had enough and gives the order to finally execute Ace. The soldiers lunge with their swords and all the pirates are shocked. But just before the blades touch Ace’s neck, the soldiers are pushed away by two sandblasts. To the amazement of everyone present, Crocodile, who actually hates Whitebeard and his men, has stopped the execution.

Before the Scaffold: Crocodile explains that he could kill Whitebeard later, but he would not allow the Navy to enjoy their victory now. Shortly after, the ex-samurai’s head is cut off. However, since Crocodile is made of sand, the head and body quickly reassemble. The attack came from Donquixote Doflamingo, who is surprised that Crocodile is working with Whitebeard instead of him. Crocodile then states that he would not work with anyone. The two then attack each other, resulting in a large shockwave that knocks away nearby marines. Luffy doesn’t know what it’s about, yet it was helpful and he doesn’t want to waste any more time and quickly rescue Ace. The marine soldiers blocking his way are quickly defeated by Luffy. Even Flotilla Admiral Kibin, who has mastered Rokushiki, doesn’t stand a chance against the determined Luffy. However, Aokiji is able to take Luffy down when he rams an ice spear into his arm. As Luffy lies on the ground, he looks to finish it. Hancock is already about to interfere when suddenly Marco appears and kicks the admiral away.

Naval Base: Mr. 3 has managed to escape Aokiji’s attack against Buggy & Co. by a hair’s breadth, sneaking up to here to be safe from the rest of the battle. When he hears that three devil power users have managed to get behind the walls, he panics, wondering if he’s one of the three they mean. Afterwards, a squad of marines comes by and Mr. 3 is able to hide from them.

Moby Dick: The pirates who managed to save themselves on the remains of the ship jump into the water and swim to Little Oars Jr. This strange behavior is immediately reported to Sengoku. The navy opens fire again inside the siege wall.

Battlefield: Even though many of them have been hit, the pirates are still swimming forward. Suddenly, something comes out of the water. It is another Moby Dick, which picks up all the pirates that were in the water. All the Whitebeard pirates are on board after a while. Since it is a paddle ship, it moves faster than normal ships. Fire is immediately directed at the ship, however Sengoku interjects that they should rather fire at Oars. Whitebeard, however, suggests that it is already too late for that. Oars grabs the ship and pulls it through the siege wall.

Before the Scaffold: Oars is glad they made it, but is shot at by several cannons in the next moment. Oars’s last words are to save Ace at all costs. As a result, the giant collapses. Whitebeard jumps off the ship and creates a shockwave with his naginata and devil powers to blow away several marines to make room for his commanders as well. Whitebeard then gives the order to rescue Ace and destroy the navy.

Scaffold: Sengoku tells Garp that it’s probably time for her to intervene personally.

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