One Piece Episode 472


Marine Ford: All the pirates are shocked to see the betrayal of Whitebeard, while the members of the Navy are very calm, as if they had expected it. All those present on the Sabaody Archipelago watching the transmission of Buggy’s slug are also shocked.

Moby Dick: Marco blows his top, flies to the Moby Dick, throws Squard to the ground and asks him why he did it. Squard says that it’s the Whitebeard pirates’ fault that it had to come to this. Marco doesn’t know what that means and leaves him to deal with Whitebeard for now. The latter is still alive, but first goes down on his knees. Squard, in turn, claims he knows of a deal between Whitebeard and the Navy. Squard then shouts loud enough for all to hear. He declares that all the pirates who are not part of the Whitebeard pirate gang have been betrayed. Squard, for one, is mad at Whitebeard for never telling him that Ace is the son of Gold Roger, whom he hates with a vengeance.

Flashback: In a small village, Squard is causing a ruckus in a bar and wants to fight any strong man who dares to take him on. Whitebeard appears before him in the bar. Squard is all alone at this time, as Gold Roger had completely wiped out his former crew.

Present, Moby Dick: Whitebeard should have told Squard that Ace was the son of his arch-enemy and that Whitebeard would try to make him the next king of the pirates. However, instead of Whitebeard telling him, Squard and Ace became good friends, which Squard now considers an insult. This would have been Whitebeard’s first betrayal, according to Squard. The second would be now that the Whitebeard pirates are safely in Marine Ford while the 43 pirate gangs in the bay are under attack by the Pacifista. Whitebeard would have arranged this with the Navy, thus selling the 43 pirate bands for Ace’s freedom.

Flashback: Squard meets Akainu. The Admiral tells Squard about the deal and that Ace is Gold Roger’s son. Squard doesn’t want to believe this, but according to Akainu he will soon see the truth, as in the following attack only the 43 pirate gangs would be attacked, but none of the Whitebeard pirates.

Present, Moby Dick: For Squard, it was proof enough that the Pacifista are currently only attacking Whitebeard’s allied pirate bands. The pirate captains in the bay, on the other hand, no longer know who is lying and who is telling the truth. Squard is now ready to be killed by Whitebeard for what he has done. For the whirlpool spider to have pierced the strongest man in the world with his sword was a miracle. At the same time, the pirates succumb to the Pacifista and are cornered. The pirate captains keep asking Whitebeard if what Squard claims is true, but he does not answer.

Moby Dick: Marco grabs Squard by the collar and asks him how he could not believe in Whitebeard and fall for the Navy. Squard says Marco shouldn’t play dumb since, as commander of the first division, he should have known about everything. Whitebeard finally speaks up and admits that Ace is Gold Roger’s son. The Navy would have taken advantage of this information to provoke the man who has the most hatred for Gold Roger.

Scaffold: Sengoku doesn’t want any further delay, so now Aokiji takes care of it. The latter races towards Buggy and the ex-convicts to freeze them. The transmission on the Sabaody Archipelago has been canceled.

Battlefield: Crocodile is extremely angry at Whitebeard for allowing himself to be so easily run through with a sword. In Crocodile’s memories, Whitebeard was not such a “weakling”. In his mind, Marco agrees with Crocodile, as Whitebeard is not the same as he used to be. His health is no longer fine, which is why he was unable to dodge this attack, which would have otherwise been easily repelled. Meanwhile, to Whitebeard, Squard is truly an idiot son for raising his sword against his father. Squard already sees his end coming as his opponent embraces him. Squard is nevertheless a son to Whitebeard, whom he loves. Whitebeard asks Squard who would have pushed his once loyal heart into darkness. Squard begins to recount the meeting with Akainu, who has persuaded him that Whitebeard is no longer a legend, but only a scumbag who sold out his allies for a single man from his crew. The navy admiral promises to spare the lives of the allies in exchange for Squard betraying Whitebeard.

Moby Dick: Whitebeard knows Squard’s hatred for Roger, however it would be foolish to blame a child for the sins of his father. When asked if Ace had ever harmed him, Squard recalls the events they experienced together. Whitebeard tells him that he would no more love Ace than any of them. They are all his sons and his family, after all. Whitebeard lets Squard go, saying that Sengoku hasn’t changed in all this time, that he’s still someone who manages to shock them all. Still, he says it’s ridiculous that Whitebeard would sell his sons. Using his devil powers, Whitebeard cracks the ice walls around Marine Ford to give the pirate gangs a way to escape. Whitebeard calls out that they are pirates and therefore can decide for themselves what they believe. Squard has realized his mistake and goes down on his knees crying. The pirate bands have also realized the navy’s lie and want to follow Whitebeard to the end. To Crocodile’s claim that he has grown weak, the strongest man in the world replies that he is also only a man with a heart. Some may call him a devil, others a monster, but you can’t be the strongest forever. He adds that he will retire after Ace’s rescue. Whitebeard now wants to go on the offensive and jumps from the Moby Dick right into the fray. Sengoku warns his soldiers that now the strongest man in the world is going on the attack.

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