One Piece Episode 471


Sengoku orders all video snails shut down so the outside world won’t know what’s happening. A Pacifista army, led by Sentomaru, has now appeared in front of Marine Ford.

Sabaody Archipelago: Since Buggy was able to capture one of the video snails for himself, the viewers still get to see something of the Pacifista.

Bay off Marine Ford: Sentomaru asks over the radio what’s going on, as he had assumed the pirate gangs wouldn’t be so scattered around the battlefield. This is currently hindering their work. McGuy now understands the Navy’s plan. The Navy deliberately leaked that Ace’s execution would be brought forward so that the pirates would become careless and thus all run onto the battlefield. Then the Pacifista would have shown up, blocked the escape route, and that would have been the end of the pirates. But Whitebeard had suspected such a thing and therefore ordered the pirate gangs to sink the naval ships on the sides first.

Sengoku gives orders to go ahead with their plan anyway, even if they couldn’t catch the pirates.

Bay off Marine Ford: Over the radio, Sentomaru asks Kizaru if it’s okay if naval ships come into the line of fire as well. The admiral only says that he should at least keep them to a minimum. No sooner said than the Pacifista get to work attacking some pirates, untouched by whether naval soldiers could be killed as well. Doma and McGuy, however, are not so easily impressed and try to take action against the new enemy with their gangs.

Battlefield: On the battlefield, Hawkeye and Vista are each pleasantly surprised by each other’s strength. Meanwhile, Luffy has just gotten a good bit of the way back when Admiral Kizaru kicks him back. Luffy, however, is caught by Jinbe. They are both wondering how best to deal with Kizaru when the commanders of the Whitebeard pirate gang Izou, Blenheim, Namur, Speed Jiru, Fossa, and Kingdew show up to back Luffy up. Meanwhile, 10th Division commander Curiel has a run-in with Gecko Moria and a fight ensues between the two. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and Vista want to stop their fight for now, as neither of them can really get the upper hand. Tashigi, meanwhile, tells Smoker that it’s time to back off for now. Smoker understands what she means and goes along.

Scaffold: Sengoku is getting impatient as one of the video snails is still broadcasting. On the battlefield, Buggy and the ex-prisoners have retreated to a quiet corner and are trying to use the video snail to portray Buggy as a “legendary pirate”. However, because of Buggy’s nosebleed, it takes them a few tries. Sengoku, on the other hand, gets angry when he finds out where the missing video snail has gone and wants to stop its transmission at all costs so that they can continue.

Bay off Marine Ford: The pirates are getting backed into a corner, but they won’t give up no matter how many losses they take.

Moby Dick: Whitebeard is looking at the battlefield when suddenly the missing Squard reappears. Whitebeard is glad that Squard is still alive. The latter thinks he was lucky to find a way here. Whitebeard says he will soon storm off himself to put an end to it all. Squard then declares that of the 43 pirate captains with their gangs, each one is willing to give his life for the Whitebeard pirates because they trust them, at which Squard draws his huge sword. Squard also knows that Whitebeard would risk everything for a member of his gang, which he considers like his family. Therefore, Squard wishes that they could be part of his family as well. No sooner had he uttered these words than Squard pierces Whitebeard with his great sword.

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