One Piece Episode 470


Battlefield: Luffy continues to run across the battlefield to save Ace. But then Falcon’s Eye appears in front of him to stop him. Luffy doesn’t really have time for such a strong opponent and quickly activates Gear 2, allowing him to quickly disappear with Shave, while Dracule Mihawk is attacked by some trannies who had challenged him once long ago, but were stronger now. Falcon’s Eye, however, only needs one punch to incapacitate his attackers. With his exceptionally good eyes, Hawkeye scans the battlefield until he finds Luffy again and attacks once more. Luffy is thrown against a wall, but survived the attack. Jinbe stands in front of Dracule Mihawk to protect Luffy from further attacks. Dracule Mihawk does not want to fight Jinbe and asks him why he is doing all this. Jinbe replies that it is too late to stop the war, however there is still hope to save Ace. That hope, he says, is Luffy. The two exchange blows, with Jinbe eventually being flung away, crashing into the ice and sinking into the sea. Hawkeye then attacks Luffy, who is able to escape the attack once again. Luffy goes to attack with his gum-gum jet bazooka, but then breaks off the attack, knowing that Dracule Mihawk would only cut off his arms. Falcon’s Eye, meanwhile, attacks one more time, and Luffy narrowly escapes the slash of his sword. However, the blast wave from Dracule Mihawk’s blow cuts through the giant iceberg created by Whitebeard and Aokiji behind Luffy. The participants in the fight realize what a dangerous opponent Hawkeye is.

On Buggy: Meanwhile, Buggy wants the whole world to follow his rise and sets out with the ex-convicts to find a Den-den Mushi that records everything.

Crocodile and Flamingo: Flamingo has made Crocodile an offer to join him, as the new era is about to dawn and strong men are needed. Crocodile finds the way Flamingo talks to him arrogant, thinking that they are not on the same level, and declines. Flamingo had hoped that Crocodile would have changed in Impel Down, but he just says that if that had happened, he wouldn’t be here now. With a sandstorm, Crocodile tries to blow Flamingo and Jozu away, but the latter jumps off Jozu in time before the sandstorm hits him. However, the latter then hits Buggy, who had been trying to sneak between the fights.

Hancock vs Smoker: Smoker asks if Hancock will continue to stand in his way, to which she replies in the affirmative, as she wants to protect her “husband” (Luffy). Hancock then mentally wanders off and sees herself on a honeymoon with Luffy. In reality, Hancock’s theater Smoker is too stupid, so he now wants to keep running after Luffy, who is still being chased by Hawkeye. But Hancock won’t let this happen and tries to stop Smoker.

Luffy vs Dracule Mihawk: Luffy continues to only be able to dodge Dracule Mihawk’s attacks and thus barely gets to attack. Just as Dracule Mihawk is about to attack again, the sandstorm that Buggy is stuck in joins in. Luffy grabs Buggy, who already wants to thank Luffy for saving him, but Luffy then uses Buggy as a human shield to protect himself from Dracule Mihawk’s sword cuts. Since Buggy can’t be killed by any sword, he is immune to Falcon Eye’s attacks, yet the clown complains about Luffy taking advantage of him like this. Luffy, in turn, explains that he heard Buggy say that he had come to save him, which is why he launched this action. To keep Dracule Mihawk busy, Luffy throws Buggy at him. Dracule Mihawk tries to split Buggy, but the clown keeps composing himself and tries a counter attack with his special magic ball. Dracule Mihawk, however, uses his sword to throw the orb back at Buggy, who explodes in response. Luffy uses the distraction to keep running. Dracule Mihawk can’t let this happen and makes another attack, the blast wave of the attack hitting Luffy. Marco calls out to Vista that he was ordered by Whitebeard not to let Luffy die, so he should take care of Hawkeye now. Vista understands and crosses swords with Dracule Mihawk. The latter also seems to be Dracule Mihawk’s equal at first. Dracule Mihawk’s mind is elsewhere and he thinks that Luffy is admirable, not because of the strength of his attacks, but because he manages to get so many people on his side. This, he says, is the best skill of all.

At the port of Marine Ford: Buggy and the ex-prisoners land quite close to Marine Ford. Buggy had lost the fight against Hawkeye, but they were now able to capture a video Den-den Mushi.

Scaffold: Grand Admiral Sengoku has everything prepared for Ace’s execution, as all other preparations have now been made. However, to keep the rest of the world from seeing their plan, the connection to the video Den-den Mushis is to be cut. The only news Sengoku wants to hear after this battle is that the Navy was victorious, nothing else.

Off Marine Ford: Several pirate ships are sunk at once. The pirates don’t know what’s going on when they are attacked by laser beams from the smoke. Suddenly, about a dozen Bartholomew Kumas emerge from the smoke. They all appear to be Pacifista of the world government. Leading this force, of course, is Sentomaru.


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