One Piece Episode 469


The battle on Marine Ford continues with no end in sight. Luffy fights his way forward and is supported by Jinbe, Ivankov and also Hancock as best he can.

Ivankov vs. Bartholomew Kuma: When Bartholomew Kuma keeps attacking Ivankov, Bear asks if Bear has forgotten him, even though they were friends for so long. Doflamingo comes in and says that talking to Bartholomew Kuma is pointless because he is already dead.

Battlefield: Hancock has just saved Luffy from Smoker, at which point the marines wonder which side Hancock is actually on. The latter places herself in front of Luffy in such a way that the soldiers can’t see what exactly is going on between them. Hancock pretends to attack Luffy, but actually gives him the key to Ace’s handcuffs. Luffy is overjoyed and hugs Hancock, then continues to run to his brother right after. Hancock suffers a fainting spell because of Luffy’s hug and goes down on his knees. To the marines, it looked like Luffy attacked Hancock and threw him to the ground. Hancock, meanwhile, is so overwhelmed by the feeling of having felt Luffy so close to her that she thinks Luffy and her just got married. Hancock is in her own little dream world after that, imagining the wedding between her and Luffy. In reality, Luffy is attacked by Smoker again, which brings Hancock back to her senses. Hancock attacks Smoker again and destroys Smoker’s jitte.

Ivankov vs Bartholomew Kuma: Ivankov can’t believe Doflamingo that Bear is supposed to be dead when he is standing right in front of him. Luffy joins in and is surprised that Ivankov knows Bear. Doflamingo finds the whole thing interesting, but explains again that the bear standing in front of them and the one Ivankov and Luffy know are not the same. Ivankov finds the claim ridiculous, as there is only one user of the Paw Fruit and it is standing in front of them. The transgender King tries to talk to Bear again, but Bear is silent. Doflamingo finally clears things up: Bartholomew Kuma was rebuilt by Dr. Vegapunk a few days ago in a final surgery/modification and has now become a full human weapon. Ivankov doesn’t understand this, whereupon Doflamingo begins to explain. Bear made a deal with the World Government and gradually underwent surgeries to get mechanical modifications: First the arms, then the legs, etc. Ivankov doubts this, since Bear hated the World Government. Doflamingo doesn’t know what kind of deal Bear made, however a few days ago the last modification was completed and Bear now can’t even remember being born as a human. Now Bear is just a weapon, he says: Pacifista PX-0. Bear then attacks Luffy and Ivankov with a laser beam, which they both narrowly avoid. Luffy now knows what Bear meant when he told him back on the Sabaody Archipelago that they would never see each other again. Ivankov, on the other hand, doesn’t understand how his old friend could change so much and forget him. Bear unceremoniously teleports and attacks the nearby trannies with his pad cannon. Ivankov bursts out laughing and now fights Bear in earnest. Part of the reason for Ivankov’s change of heart is that he can’t stand the idea of anyone in the world actually forgetting his face. By order of their king, Luffy is supposed to be backed up by the trannies while he would take care of this problem.

Battlefield: Buggy and the ex-prisoners have camouflaged themselves under a pile of wax, created by Mr. 3, which looks like a pile of ice on the outside. When some marines walk by, Buggy & Co. surprise them. However, after Buggy sees how far ahead Luffy already is, he charges ahead with the ex-prisoners.

Moby Dick: Crocodile and Mr. 1 fight both the navy and Whitebeard’s pirates to be able to kill Whitebeard himself. However, Crocodile is suddenly attacked by Jozu and flung away. Crocodile ends up with Doflamingo, who stops Jozu from attacking again. Crocodile doesn’t want Doflamingo to interfere, who in turn suggests they team up.

Battlefield: Luffy keeps running, but unfortunately meets his next opponent: Hawkeye. The latter wonders if fate will protect Luffy from his sword.

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